Frühlingskabine Q&A Videos :: April 2013

Enjoy this three part series of questions asked by YouTube viewers and FMF blog readers! There were some really great questions so hopefully I came up with some fairly good (and coherent) answers. If you have a question, be it farm related or just curiosity, please send it in to to be answered next month!

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

4 thoughts on “Frühlingskabine Q&A Videos :: April 2013

  1. Thank you much I really appreciate it, sorry I had so many questions I though there were gonna be a lot of questions outside what had asked and you spent most of the time on my questions I appreciate it!!! Culling I don’t think I can do it but if I could find a friend that would do it for me I would be okay. Unfortunately I had a deformed chick that I finally helped out of its shell after three days of it trying to do it on its own I want to wait over night in hopes it would be okay but it was suffering, that was hard for me but I need to be okay with it because raising your own meat like you said you know where they are from what they have eaten that they were treated humanly during it life and when it is time to process.

    • It was really no problem at all! You had some great questions. Feel free to send in more for next month!

      I’m sorry to hear about your chick’s troubles. That is the hardest part about raising animals… Making decisions on what to do with an animal who is suffering. It certainly isn’t an easy subject and there certainly isn’t any ONE right way to deal with it. Just always trust your gut I guess. Thanks for the questions and for reading the blog!

  2. I really liked hearing about how Trevor got into bees. My husband isn’t very project oriented, but maybe I’ll start seeding his head with this idea. I really want to expand our product, but right now with 8 adult angoras and 4 babies, plus gardening, doing a work trade, cleaning, and taking care of Aleda, I just don’t think I can take on another job. Plus I need to build another hutch, as well as a new chicken coop, so we can get chickens since the rabbits took over the coop/shed 2 months ago–let’s hope he goes for it!

    • Yeah, it’s funny how things work out. I thought I would be the beekeeper because Trevor didn’t like the idea at first, but now he is completely enamored with bees and honey.
      I hear ya on the extra work load! I don’t work outside the home/farm, but it surely is a lot of work just to keep all of the animals happy and the garden growing. Maybe if some chicks “appeared” on your doorstep one day, your husband would feel more inclined to get a coop going… Or at least a chicken tractor. 😉

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