Crap… we’ve got a swarm on our hands. Just a few moments ago I watched as Hive #2 started to beard at the entrance and then half of the hive swarmed off into a nearby tree. Crap. We have bee lure in the freezer (I hope it’s still good) and enough money in our pocket to build a new hive. Hopefully we can pick up the materials and get a new hive built before the sun goes down. Or at least a couple more super boxes to keep them comfortable and buy us some time to split the hive into two. It is still freezing at night here so I don’t think they will make it through the night if the swarm says up in that tree.



6 thoughts on “Crap…

  1. They did not like their current housing huh? I was just reading an article in the Sierra Lodestar about bee keeping in the foothills being difficult because of the fluctuations in weather as well as many other variables. Do you have that special swarm collection box? Its pretty cool looking! the article said that swarming is common in spring when everything starts blooming there is an increase in food therefore an increase in bee population in the hive creating overcrowding so the queen and about half the hive swarm and look for a new location to establish a colony. assuming you can collect the swarm this is a good thing then right? It means your colony has grown into 2 colonies now. Is this correct? Is Trevor home to help you?

    • Nope, I’m on my own right now to solve the bee predicament. But that’s okay. I’d like to think of myself as an apprentice beekeeper. 😉 I know just what to do.

      It looks like the hive (Hive #2) has split and not left entirely. Which is good. If we can recapture this off-shoot swarm, we will have 3 hives. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks… I don’t think I’m going to be able to recapture them. But the hive was full of thousands of bees and two queen cells during the inspection so there must have been some reason for the old queen to leave. I’ll cover all the most likely possibilities in tomorrow’s post.

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