Beets and Carrots Are In

The last of our cool weather crops are in. Well, half of them anyway since I am staggering plantings by two-weeks. I also covered everything we planted with a leaf mulch (read: glorified, chewed up maple leaves) to help the seedlings retain moisture and heat. My downfall last autumn was that I used straw which apparently still had seeds in it. Those seeds sprouted and created more weeds instead of suppressing them. Oops! So we’ll see how leaves mulched by the lawn mower work. Fingers crossed guys.

We have a whole bed of nothing but carrots and beets this year! How exciting is that? I love root vegetables. The carrots we planted this time are of French origin called Jaune Obtuse Du Doubs. If my French is correct (I warn you, I failed French in high school), they should be yellow. In any case, they should be interesting. Most French crops grow well here.



4 thoughts on “Beets and Carrots Are In

  1. Oh I’m so jealous you get to play in the dirt and start planting. I’m still waiting for the snow to melt and stop falling from the sky. But that’s what I get for living in ND lol

    • I am actually surprised we didn’t get a big March snow storm! But we have had snow as late as June before so we aren’t out of the danger zone yet I guess. (Knock on wood!) You can live vicariously through my sandy mountain soil and I will pray your North Dakota snow doesn’t float our way. 😉

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