In The Garden

My winter cabbage and Brussels sprouts decided to bolt! 😦

I never thought I’d see those words again. It always seems like the closer you get to spring, the further away it is. Well folks, I may regret it later, but I think it is finally spring here! I cheat so while most of the county can’t plant seeds in the ground until mid-May, I start my cold weather lovers in the first week of April. I never was one to follow directions. That’s why I hate building IKEA furniture.


Today I planted most of our cold spring crops like: peas, cabbage, leeks, bulb onions, green onions, and lettuce. Tomorrow I will have to tackle the carrots and beets. I realize that it doesn’t sound like much, but keep in mind that I am planting a billion of everything… by hand. It’s hardcore planting. My mad scientist garden tool came in handy today with the dozens of squares I planted


Since I appreciate you guys so much, I took some photos of the different blooms we have surrounding the garden. I also had to take a couple snaps of the peas that came up from a test first planting two-weeks ago and also of the sunflower seeds I sprinkled in all sorts of secret places around the yard. I like to think of it as guerrilla gardening… with sunflowers. Cheery, bright, and yellow guerrilla gardening warfare.


peas planted two-weeks ago are popping up

blueberry bush blooms

apple tree blossoms. Notice the extensive deer fencing?

dogwood tree blossoms

And as a little added bonus, Cami found this huge toad right outside the garden. So we made up a moist little corner for him inside the garden with a little hole and a wet, upside down terracotta pot to hide under. We are hoping he will stick around and eat the garden’s number one enemy: bugs. Make yourself at home little guy!


One thought on “In The Garden

  1. My blueberries are still hibernating! In fact, this year has been so cold that I only just planted out my spring seeds last week. Normally I do it by St. Patrick’s day. This last week I divided my strawberries and planted peas, chard, kohlrabi, lettuce, bunching onions, and radishes. I also started tomato and pepper seeds indoors. Of course my operation is much smaller than yours. My seed potatoes arrived on Friday so I hope to be planting them (potato tower style!) tomorrow. Oh how I love spring!

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