Name That Rabbit! :: fourth edition

You wouldn’t think that we would be doing another round so soon, but alas– I have found this handsome little fellow. He is a seven-week old self chocolate (solid-colored) buck from Washington and Oregon lines. Bonus: he is completely unrelated to my rabbit lines. I just put a deposit on this little guy and will be picking him up in two weeks. In the meantime, let’s find a name to suit him!


Let’s make this one fun…

I have recently heard some really great rabbit names like: Antonio Bunderas, Queen Elizabun, Jackalope Judy, and so on. If you have a great rabbit pun or a real clever name, please leave it in the comments section of this post. I will pick my favorite three and then we can vote on it! Let’s do this.


15 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit! :: fourth edition

  1. Russell Stovers (Stoffers?) the company that does those big Chocolate Easter Bunnies. Or Bunnucula, that kids book about a vegetable vampire bunny. Or Flynn Rider, that was Maddie’s choice (from Rapunzel) and Charli thinks it should be Mickey Mouse (?)….I don’t think they got the bunny idea. How about Bunicio Del Toro?

    • Yeah… How DO you spell that chocolate brand? Stoffers? That doesn’t look right to me for some reason. I have never heard of that kids book. I think I need it! I mean… for Cami. Somehow I have become “the crazy bunny lady” (a much worse incarnation of “the crazy cat lady”).

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