Random Thoughts on a Rainy Night

Wow… I am still up and the gears are still turning at 10:30pm. I feel like such a night owl! I just wanted to get some brain clutter out of my head before bed and so that I have a few seemingly random thoughts to refer to in the morning when I actually write a cohesive blog post.

This evening I went to my very first Weston A. Price Foundation meeting. Was is a meeting? Sure. It was all about preserving “real” food. Man, the things you can learn just by listening to someone talk for two hours. Thank you Chara and Ann for being fast talkers. I’m glad I brought a notebook because now I have things to test out regarding preserving food: smoking meat, other uses for a dehydrator, actually getting around to building a solar oven, what the heck a solar oven even looks like, and the truth behind water bath canning vs. pressure canning. It sure helped that my buddy, Traci (with the dairy goats), was sitting next to me snickering over silly homestead nonsense.

I ate ox tail. Like as in the tail of… a cow. Wha? More on that later.

I may be considering trying out the GAPS diet. Not for “diet” reasons as the name may imply, but for my own digestive health. This girl has to keep that pancreas in check. (Please comment here if you have any experience with it.) I have to do more research on the subject and how it works exactly. And to see if I can go without some of my favorite foods for a little while.

There is something big living in the brush pile. Here in Tuolumne county, California, we burn excess leaves and small branches instead of having a “green barrel” like in the cities. Anyhow, there is a rather large tunnel leading into the brush pile and it looks a little scary to walk by. Maybe raccoons? I doubt any kids would have made an ashy pit into some sort of fort –then again. Either way, if you smell a foul barbecue on the west coast, it’s just us lighting up our burn pile and whoever is inhabiting it. Sorry raccoon/bobcat/rat-zilla/neighbor kid… it’s a burn day. Just kidding! Kind of.

And lastly, before Trevor gives me that ‘Will you just put that iPad down already?’ look, one of the books I just purchased is going to get me in so much trouble. Evil Trevor looks kind of trouble. The Encyclopedia of Country Living has everything I will ever need to know in it. My next endeavor will certainly be making vinegar. Or growing coffee. Or properly burying a body (yes, that really is in there). No matter what project I find next, it will be getting me in trouble with my husband and if it does end up involving a “body”, I’m sure one or two of you would be more than willing to conspire with me help me out. *wink, wink*

Wow, I’m feeling a little dark tonight.

15 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Rainy Night

  1. Enjoyed your late night musings very much. I actually bought Carla Emery’s book… the first edition that was professionally published, years ago. It’s marvelous and helped me so much through the years! I am dying of curiosity to know what you mean about water bath, vs. pressure canning! HELP!!!

  2. I did GAPS for 18 months. I do not recommend it as, despite what the WAPF tells you, it isn’t right for everyone with digestive problems. With the little you said here I cannot say if I recommend it or not. It did teach me to be a better cook. I hate to sound so negative about it but I feel I wasted 18 months of my life.

    • Well I am definitely going to look into it. I’m not sure I could cut grain out completely! I do love my sourdough and the yeast culture actually eats the gluten (which may or may not be the real issue people have with grains… again, I need to read into GAPS).

      Right now I am trying to eat as many “real foods” as I can along with lots of natural probiotic stuff and fermented foods. That alone has helped my own issues greatly so I don’t know how much further I really want to take it. I only run into problems when I stray and eat something commercially processed or full of preservatives (some cheeses, some “cured” meats, anything fried, some oils, peanut butter, commercial breads, etc).

      Since I’m already this far into my novel of a comment, my main problems digestive-wise is that after Cami was born I had massive full body pain –like can’t move, pass out, and vomit– and eventually had to have my gallbladder removed. My pancreas flares up with certain food and I was hospitalized to “cool” it (I don’t really know what that means). So needless to say, I have changed my diet quite a bit to suit my body and I ALWAYS know when I have eaten something wrong. An upset pancreas feels like your back was snapped in half!

      So yeah…. I hope that wasn’t too much information.

      • There are a number of problems that I see with GAPS: 1) It is extremely stressful and isolating. I think those two things alone negated any healing benefits. Also it has a tendency to make you orthorexic (an extreme fear of eating “unhealthy” foods). It took me a long time, and I still struggle after being off GAPS for a year, to not obsess over what I eat. 2) It is VERY easy to go low carb, which was actually recommended for my insulin resistance and yeast issues. Guess what? My yeast issues NEVER went away on GAPS no matter how low carb I went. After six months I was sickly thin, my hair started to fall out and many other symptoms I will not mention here. You can do a higher carb GAPS but it requires more mindful eating. 3) It is very expensive which puts even more stress.

        A year off GAPS I feel much healthier. I am still allergic to dairy but miracle of miracles, I was able to get and STAY pregnant and I have no problems with yeast.

      • The more I look into it, the more I think that it isn’t for me. Thank goodness for proper research right?! I think a few more modifications to my current “real” food diet is where I want to be. Fermented foods and drinks with natural probiotics have really helped in the last year ish. I think GAPS might be too extreme for me. Thanks for your input Carrie! It is always nice to hear the “other side”. 😉

      • omg! greasy fried foods bad..bad…bad… VERY bad! that is the one thing that will send me doubling over! and of course I have a love for fried chicken and could eat it up til the other night when I tried and paid dearly! I am almost to the point where I eat dairy and veggies and fruit only! everything else my body refuses one way or another! I am having GI issues bad enough to where I think I may need to see a “doctor” Not big on doctors or hospitals so I will try my own research and natural experiments first!

      • Crazy Friend, what kind of oil/grease was your chicken cooked in? When I use kettle rendered lard, it doesn’t bother me at all, but if I use typical oils, like corn or canola, soy, “vegetable oil” and such, it makes me SICK!!

  3. We’re sort of GAPS light if there is such a thing. No processed foods, very little grain (but we choose to eat some, with butter and using sourdough) and lots of fat/meat/eggs/raw dairy/bone broth/cultured foods. It’s AWESOME when you have all of the balls up in the air, but I’ve found that if even one comes tumbling down, they all start to fall.

    We were keeping a batch of bone broth simmering always on the stove, kombucha/kefir, water and milk/sauerkraut/etc at the ready and good fats to cook with and eat (lard, pastured butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and macadamia). It’s a lot to take in at once, but Mike and I both feel better when we’re eating as close to the GAPS plan as possible.

    Best part, you’ll actually find you have LESS cravings for processed/sweet foods when you can have some pastured bacon as a snack or a hard boiled egg or half of a ripe avocado. 🙂

    • That sounds like what I would do. I don’t know if I can go full GAPS. I would miss my bread too much. Everything else you mentioned sounds like what I’m getting to now! I just need to fix my meat situation and even that will becoming a full loop in a couple weeks… muwahahahahaa!

  4. Oh honey so much to learn about body disposal! digging requires to much work the rental of a boat and a wood chipper is so much easier! an evening on the delta and voila! problem solved! and you are being environmentally friendly by feeding the fish! I did not get the nick name “chipper” for my bubbly personality! lol

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