Easter is Right Around the Corner

Easter weekend is quickly approaching and I have been colaborating with a friend for a fun photo op here in the foothills. Kamice’s Photographic Establishment is graciously hosting our French Angora rabbits for photos with adults and children alike on Saturday and Sunday, March 30th and 31st. A little Easter weekend fun if you will. Kamice’s is the place to get your “old timey” photos taken!


If you are planning to be in our beautiful gold rush area, consider stopping in Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia, California for the Victorian Easter parade, Easter egg hunt, and have your photo taken with our French Angora rabbits at Kamice’s Photographic Establishment. Columbia State Historic Park goes all out for Easter and Kamice’s is centrally located in town right across from the famous Nelson’s Candy Kitchen (who makes all their own candies).

Let me know if you need any more information or if you are planning to stop by! I’d love to meet you and I will personally be “rabbit wrangling” all weekend.

Where: Kamice’s Photographic Establishment, Columbia State Historic Park in Columbia, California

When: Saturday, March 30th 10am-5pm and Sunday, March 31st 10am-5pm 


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