Today on the Teeny Tiny Farm

Trevor took some quick pics of the silliness on this teeny tiny farm with his iPod today. First was this weirdness.


We emptied the rabbit dropping pans into the wheelbarrow last night as normal, but forgot to cart the load to the compost bin so it sat around overnight. You wouldn’t think any creatures would disturb a wheelbarrow full of rabbit droppings. Apparently a bird of some sort thought it was the ideal spot for a nest? Maybe it was the heat. Luckily no one laid any of their precious eggs in there.

Next was this…


Cami has learned to –without any prompting– pick up and hold a hen all on her own. It looked rather ridiculous when I gazed across the field to see Cami with a good hold on one of the laying hens, yelling “Mommy! Look! I picked up a chicken!” The husky hen Cami grabbed was Pearl, who didn’t seem uncomfortable at all since Cami was holding her around the wings and supporting her as she walked up to show me.

I guess all the birds around here were out of sorts this morning. Nest builders and laying hens alike.

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