Rabbit Fodder Printable

So here’s the deal. This printable is based off of what I feed my rabbits currently. I would, of course, recommend that you do your own research on feeding your animals and how much… but frankly, sometimes it’s just nice to see what other people are doing. So there ya go. My liability blurb.

This printable is for large breed rabbits (8-10 lb. adult weight) and assuming that junior rabbits are 5 lbs. by 16-weeks old. It is also for feeding barley at 6% of the animal’s body weight. I can’t see that wheat would be too far off though.

The first column makes it easy to calculate how much fodder for a litter of a certain number and adult weights on he far right, are for single rabbits 4 months and older.

For example: a litter of (4) four 8-week olds you would feed 0.60 pounds of fodder. For the 9.0 lb. mother in the same cage who is still nursing said four kits, you would need an additional 0.06 lbs. and 0.54 lbs.
This grand total would be 0.60 + 0.06 + 0.54 = 1.2 lbs. for the whole group

If that gets too confusing, let me know who you have with their ages and weights and I’ll help you calculate the amount of fodder you may need.


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