Name that Rabbit! :: third edition

Ready for our newest installment of “Name That Rabbit”? It’s our most popular game yet! Well, one of our only games. Um… our only game. But in any case, its fun and you folks get to name our newest keeper!


Per my mother’s request, all the name choices for this rabbit are from popular (as she insists) 70’s T.V. detective shows. She wanted to name a whole litter, but I thought it would be wiser to have her give me a list and let you folks choose. Anything is better than letting my mother have free rein on rabbit naming here. Who knows what we would turn up with.

This is our newest buck! He is the most beautiful color orange with a white belly and grey-blue eyes making him a “Cream Fawn”. Cream Fawn is a diluted form of Orange Fawn which is what color Dandelion is. This little buck is a fine example of color and temperament.

Please choose your favorite name!
1. McGarrett
2. Rockford
3. Kojak
4. Mannix
5. Barnaby Jones


27 thoughts on “Name that Rabbit! :: third edition

  1. Awe man, I think I am out voted, but I like Kojak! Although I could see him as a Barnaby too…but Kojak is a much manlier name and if you’re looking to mate him, I would think Kojak is a more swoon worthy name…

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