GRIT Magazine Giveaway Winners Are…

Oh, please watch the video to find out… It’s fun. And only 30 seconds long. Cami practiced her presentation after all. I will email the winners as well so keep a look out so I can get these sent off.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Thank you for the well wishes and congratulations; they were very appreciated. I wish I had a copy for everyone!

8 thoughts on “GRIT Magazine Giveaway Winners Are…

  1. Please tell Cami she did a GREAT job! I didn’t win — but that’s ok! Love following your Blog and cannot wait to start my own Fodder project! Thanks again!

    • Thanks Maryanne. She certainly tried her best and took her responsibilities VERY seriously. After seeing the video again, I noticed her “shushing” my mother behind me. 😀

      I also hope to have lots more giveaways this year so there’s always next time!

  2. You must have not gotten the memo that said all those papers were supposed to say Terri! New memo: winners have 30 seconds to claim there prize or forfeit it to… guessed it Terri ok and Maryanne. Lol Cami is to cute.

  3. It was rigged! …actually, I win nothing, I’m worse than Charlie Brown and the red-haired girl. It would have to be rigged for me to win. Really really cute video, Sarah.

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