Livestock Sprouted Fodder System :: day six

Follow our series on starting and maintaining a sprouted grain system for natural livestock fodder! It’s like providing pasture for your animals without needing the pasture and at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

I feel absolutely compelled to show everyone who stops by my little experiment. Even if they have seen it already. Even if they have seen it already that same day. Even if they live here. Sorry Trevor. So don’t knock on my door if you aren’t interested in oohing and aahing over the sprouting grain in my window. I think this is going to look really good in the next few days.

Just like yesterday and for every day that this fodder system continues: I soaked, drained, and put new grain in new trays to keep the cycle constantly going. My previous trays as well as the new trays were watered 2-3 times throughout the day.



14 thoughts on “Livestock Sprouted Fodder System :: day six

  1. At day six, my trays are not fully sprouted. My temperature in storm cellar has sometimes risen above 85. There is some white mold growth. Is the temp my real issue?

  2. My fodder is at day 6 and I have the same containers that you do and last night my husband told me I filled them to full. I knew I only put 1/2 inch of seeds in there to begin with…..but now it makes sense that they have expanded! Mine looks exactly like your picture above. Thank you for all of your detailed instructions!

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