Livestock Sprouted Fodder System :: day three

Follow our series on starting and maintaining a sprouted grain system for natural livestock fodder! It’s like providing pasture for your animals without needing the pasture and at a fraction of the cost. Enjoy!

Today the 18 hour soak, the longer soak time of the two from day one, is growing at a much faster rate than the 6 hour soak. I thought they would be about the same, but my sprouting grain is already proving me wrong. From looking at other people’s systems around the net, we should be seeing some green tomorrow! This is fun!

I have noticed that if I don’t absolutely flood the first tray that my other trays below have some grain that is not getting wet during the rinse. That is easily solved though so it hasn’t been a big deal. Observation seems to be the key to new projects like this. Since I have never seen anything like this, it’s hard to know what “wrong” and “right” look like until you either fail or succeed.

Just like yesterday and for every day that this fodder system continues: I soaked, drained, and put new grain in new trays to keep the cycle constantly going. My previous trays as well as the new trays were watered twice throughout the day.


5 thoughts on “Livestock Sprouted Fodder System :: day three

  1. This is so awesome, because I can check that my barley is making the right progress. It is! It’s outside now, and I am wondering if the cool fog will hurt it. Also it is raining, so I’m not sure I’ll water it today. Only problem is, I haven’t put holes in the plastic yet. I need to buy the soldering tool.

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