Box of Oranges

Dandelion’s newest litter is a week old today! Unfortunately we lost one of the fawn kits at three days old. It seemed to have wounded its tongue somehow. The tongue was black, swollen, and was slowly suffocating the kit so I decided to put it down. A hard choice, but after two days the kit showed no improvement and was in obvious pain. Poor little guy… why is it always the pretty colors that don’t make it?

But, the five kits left are absolutely thriving! There are four Fawns (I suspect one or two are Cream Fawns and the others Orange Fawn) and one Ruby-eyed White. I will be keeping one Fawn back for myself to eventually replace Dandelion with in my breeding program. Two of the Fawns are a little “smutty”, which means that they have the little bit of grey on their nose and ears like Dandelion does. It’s not bad, but I rather have a “clean” colored rabbit to continue my line of agouti colors.


3 thoughts on “Box of Oranges

  1. Hooray! Little babies are always appreciated! Hope they all turn out
    a-o-k! Feel so sorry about that one kit 😦 but you still have plenty of lil’ beauties. Enjoy! 🙂

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