Livestock Sprouted Fodder System :: day one

Follow our series on starting and maintaining a sprouted grain system for natural livestock fodder! It’s like providing pasture for your animals without needing the pasture and at a fraction of the cost! Enjoy!

This morning I poured off the water from the bucket of soaked barley. The wet seeds went into their trays (1/2″ inch deep) and I set them up onto the rack to drain better. I ended up adding three times as many holes as I started with because I didn’t want the seeds sitting in water at all.

I also decided to bring the fodder rack inside for the next couple months so I can keep the grain and sprouts from freezing. Especially since we don’t have our greenhouse up yet either. We get most of our snow here in the gold country during the month of March. Winter has barely begun for us.


After soaking, draining, and putting the seeds in the trays, I “rinsed” the seeds twice during the day. As you can see from these pictures, I only have drainage holes on the low end of each tray. By alternating the raised side for each level, I only have to water the top level of trays and that top level will water the next consecutive levels with no further effort. Muwahahaha! I feel like a mad scientist here! So not only is every tray getting watered, but there is no standing water because the trays are at a 10* degree angle. Once I get the gravity-fed waterer going, the water will move slower to allow for a better soaking-rinse twice a day.




See you tomorrow for day two!

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