Today Inside the “Farm House”

I took a break from farm chores today. Saturdays are usually when we clean rabbit pans, shovel out the chicken coop, and clean up the yard. But today I decided to take the day to update our daughter’s room. All that other poopy stuff can wait until tomorrow.

Our landlord gave us me the okay to do a mural on the bedroom wall. Muwahahahaha! Cami’s room is pretty dark –since two of the walls are made of dark wood paneling– so I didn’t want the mural to darken her room further. Silver aspen trees keep the wall white and are illuminated with a little gold wash. From left to right there is a fox playing banjo, a rabbit playing the fiddle, two squirrels dancing, an owl overhead, another owl on the drums, and a pair of bears also dancing. It looks a lot better in person… an iPad camera can only do so much for a 12’x8′ painting.



7 thoughts on “Today Inside the “Farm House”

  1. Sarah that is absolutely beautiful work!!!! I may have to hire you to do something in our new home! I have always wanted to paint a mural. In my old Castro Valley house we hired a lady that painted the most amazing mural in my living room concrete patio and dining room. It was all tuscany related in living room it looked as if you were looking out into the garden then the vineyards in the distance, patio was made to look like stone and cobblestone steps and my dining room she made it look like the plaster was peeling away and the brick was showing through and vines growing up the wall.

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