New on the Rabbitry Page

Ooh la la right?! If you have or plan to have rabbits, take a quick look. Rabbits have rather sensitive tummies so if you want to introduce a new plant or feed to them, introduce it slowly and one at a time. And as always– this is merely the information that I have found and want to share. Please do your own research before feeding anything to your animals.


4 thoughts on “New on the Rabbitry Page

    • And as another example of how different Gnomeo and Juliet are, Juliet loves carrots, her whole face turns orange and it is gone in 10 minutes. If I put a piece of carrot in with Gnomeo, he makes this strange growly sound and will not go near it. Literally, anywhere near it. I left a piece in there thinking he might realize the thing was not a threat and sniff it, but he didn’t even go near that corner and eventually I pulled out a whole totally withered carrot. So strange.

      • That’s how Blackberry and Seven are too! It must be a littermate connection! Seven treats bananas like they are some sort of demonic creature coming to get him, and Blackberry can’t seem to get enough. Silly rabbits…

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