About Me, Sarah

Sometimes I forget that through all this blogging and sharing, you don’t really know too much about me. Sure, you have gotten an idea of what I am like through my experiences here, but otherwise, I am just another little thumbnail picture and a quick bio. I don’t really know why I feel the need to share, but I’m going to. So skip this post if you don’t need another blabber mouth in your life…


I don’t know of anywhere to begin except that I usually tell people that I am the black sheep of a black sheep family. (Sorry if you’re reading this Grandma!) I’m pretty sure I was the weird one growing up and now, even at twenty-six, I’m not so sure I ever grew out of that weirdness. I was the kid with the mismatched socks, Christmas headband in May, and t-shirts with hand-drawn puff paint sketches. I’d like to blame the early nineties, but I am pretty sure anyone who knows me would see right through that. I still love to do creepy things like make a pool party cake for Easter or sew cockroach stuffed animals… for no real reason other than to give myself a giggle.

No one but my brother would eat that cake by the way. It’s totally a jello pool.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and so was my mother’s family for generations before me. My great-grandfather was one of the oldest survivors of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and even helped build the Golden Gate Bridge (his name is on that sucker I’m told). We are old school Californians.

Growing up I always wanted to be an “artist” and now I know how truly subjective that term is. I even attended RISD (riz-dee: Rhode Island School of Design) for a short stint and tried my hand and computer animation. I hated it. It turns out that I have been working with ceramics for twenty years for a reason. But I wanted to try something I had never done before. That aspect of my personality seems to work its way into every thing I do. I’m a Virgo folks.

Trevor thinks I am eccentric. Maybe I am. He is always pulling me back to the ground when my ideas get too big. And anyone who thinks he is a lesser man for squashing my dreams… obviously has never heard some of my crazier ideas and plans. We need each other for that very reason. I am also quite outspoken and opinionated. If you have ever met me you would have noticed that I am not afraid to tell you what I think. Sometimes I even catch myself interrupting, but its only because I am excited or I completely agree with you. Don’t be offended.

I am a firm believer in following your own path. Even if it’s wrong. God knows I have been wrong more times than I can count! I’m human; what can I say? Most of my life has been passing whims, but I think this one might be here to stay. Unlike my other “jobs”: 411 operator, cashier, retail craft buyer, belly dancer, tea house owner, art camp director– farming has really worked its way into my soul. It feels weird to even call myself a farmer. Like I haven’t earned it? Or what I’m doing isn’t big enough? But farming has really reached into me. I have become passionate about my food and about my rights to grow veggies and raise animals. I recently told a friend that I am a “meat advocate”. When she asked what that was, she had never heard of it before, I told her I had just made it up on the spot. That’s my job now. Meat advocate. I am the opposite of PeTA. (How much hate mail do you think I’ll get for that one?) I love keeping people on their feet and I’m sure my few close friends can see me smirking through the screen.


I’m not really sure where I was going with all of this, but I am hoping that you have a greater insight into the mind of the life you are reading about here. I like to think of myself as an easy person to talk to so don’t feel weird for emailing me randomly. So many of you emailing me seem like you don’t know what to expect back… is that bad or good? I have actually made some pretty good friends through this blog and have met even more wonderful people than I know what to do with! So there it is guys, Sarah in a weird little nutshell.

15 thoughts on “About Me, Sarah

  1. Truthfully, the more I read about your projects the more I love your spirit and willingness to try a lot of new things. When you said you were a child of the nineties I was thinking more of the sixties! Keep up with all of this and let us read about it all and we will try some of the projects too. Thank you very much

  2. It sounds like we are very similar, I am eccentric too, but not as artistic, love that cake! I also feel the call to farming and not sure if I’ve really earned that title yet. Also opposed to PETA, the other day they wrote into a farming newspaper and said that if farmers in the north east of our state of Queensland, who have lost all their pasture to bushfires recently during a strangely dry summer, couldn’t look after their cattle properly we shouldn’t be farming them up there at all. What!? The letters back the next week for furious! Keep on with the farming. I wish we could keep rabbits here, but there are massive fines, like disproportionate for the crime, in the several thousand dollar range!

    • Wow… thousands? That is insane! That is exactly what I mean by “becoming passionate about our right to farm”.
      We are trying to figure out the laws on keeping quail in California. It’s not nearly as black and white as it should be. For some reason Fish & Game does not allow raising “native” species –which logically, if some got loose, wouldn’t that be better than a foreign species running around?!
      Thank you so much for reading! I always love to hear what other people have going on. It seems like everyone I would really get along with, live nowhere near me.
      Have a fantastic week FARMER Liz!

  3. I was not aware that any of the quirks you listed were considered weird or made you an alien. I have done many of the things you have listed as a child, my mom always told me it was good to express creativity in all parts of life. Maybe I just didn’t notice that it was socially unacceptable? Perhaps it is just Californian society that is strange. I too went to school to learn CG Animation in order to broaden my artistic repertoire, and ALSO hated it (much preferred the R&D part of it). Maybe someday we can share portfolios when I am brave enough to come pick up a rabbit! 😀
    That pool cake is so cute!

    • Maybe it is just California!? Or maybe we are both aliens!? Either way, it’s nice to know I’m in good company. 😉

      I didn’t like the tediousness or the long, long hours of CG. It was easy for me to do, but annoying. I actually ended up doing my final project using old school cells. I was surprised they had the equipment to do it and my project looked nothing like the others, but I was proud of it. (And I got a “B”)

  4. Okay, I don’t see anything wrong with puffy paint shirts and though I never had a Christmas headband, I did have some rockin’ 4th of July barrettes that I wore all year….I guess people must have thought I was uber patriotic? And I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be – too many things! I went to space camp and looked at colleges for aeronautical engineering, then ended up starting at a community college and taking a few childhood education classes because I had always loved babysitting and thought I might enjoy being a preschool or kindergarten teacher. THEN I decided to finish college with a degree in Criminal Justice because that was one thing that had interested me since I was very little. I read all kinds of murder mysteries and watched all those true crime shows on Discovery Channel. And those three areas (astronaut, teacher, cop) probably the farthest apart you can get. Now I raise my babies, rabbits and veggies. So really, I must be crazy or have wading multiple personalities!

    • Aww man, I must just attract weirdos then! No one seems to think I’m the odd one out… which would make for the first time in my life. Sadly, my mother put some of my old report cards from elementary school in one of my “baby boxes”. Reading some of my teachers comments really gave me an idea of what people thought of me as a kid. I think I was more concerned with what I wanted to do than what other kids (or teachers apparently) thought of me. I was perceived as a loner I guess, but I don’t remember seeing it that way. Oh well. As an adult I have made the ranks from “loner” to “hermit” so it’s all good.

      You can all be weird hermit farmers with me!

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