Today’s Work

I love how “work” is such a loose term around here. Not to say that what I do during the day isn’t work, but as compared to a day job, I can accomplish tasks as I see fit as long as it all gets done within daylight hours. In the wintertime I have to work faster since the sun is out for fewer hours, but it is also much easier to care for the animals.


The bees are tucked away until the weather gives us a warm day to check on them ad the chickens could really care less what anyone else is doing. As long as they get to run around the yard for a bit, that is.

After a morning of hauling around a bucket of hot water to thaw seven water bottles and a chicken waterer, I am rewarded with work of a different sort. The fun stuff. Like reading through dozens of magazines looking for new ideas or more information on beekeeping and mushroom cultivation. The articles on goat keeping make me yearn for some dairy goats though. Someday Mother Earth News, someday.


I am also working on changing the way I sell rabbits. I will still sell some of course, but I also need to focus on meat production for my family. This, in a way, is much better for potential buyers since any rabbits that are sub-par and not exceeding the ARBA Standard of Perfection will be culled; leaving only the best of the best to be sold. It’s a win-win really. Each rabbit will be sold with a “birth certificate” instead of a 3-generation pedigree (which will be sold additionally) which should give me the ability to control where my lines go. Meaning, if a rabbit is not the best example of my name, then I won’t want it shown or bred since it carries my Rabbitry name for life. I’m still working on making it pretty…


So while Trevor may not think drawing pictures of bunnies or sifting through magazines is “work”, that is still what I am going to call it. To my own credit, I also start and keep the fire going in the house, bake bread twice a week, and give everyone some daily free-ranging time (including Cami). That all must count for something. Especially the fire starting! Come on… how many 20-something ladies can build a fire from scratch without a fire starter log or pine kindling? I’m old school using paper and skinny oak pieces. And hope. Lots of hope involved in fire building.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Work

  1. Okay, the bunny birth certificates are super cute! I love them! Second, you are totally working! You are not only a stay at home Mom, which everyone who is not one tends to undervalue anyway, but a Mom with FARM chores on top of that! You do more than I do and I feel like I can never get it all done! Sometimes I think about going on strike for a week so the Hubby can see just how much work I do, but then at the end of the week I’d be left with a huge mess to clean up and kids who have eaten nothing but pizza and McDonalds for 7 days straight.

    • Well thanks for the pat on the back fellow stay-at-home mom. It certainly is undervalued. I like to tell Trevor that I have 13 kids to take care of without even counting the baby rabbits… then I would have 29! Of course the 13 counts him because I do his laundry and cook his meals. 😉
      I finished the birth certificates on the computer today so I’ll show them off tomorrow when I have decent light.

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