The Journey


Today in the aftermath of some ridiculous drama, I decided to pull our focus in. Sometimes I forget how truly petty, vindictive, and immature people can be. Let me tell you all something. This… this blog… this whole farm, is about what we are doing. Not what we think you should be doing. Not what we demand of society. Not even what we expect the rest of the world to do. This blog is about us. It is painfully and greedily simple.

I started this blog as a record and reminder of what myself and my family has learned since starting this micro-farming life. We aren’t always right and we aren’t always wrong. I have never and will never claim to know everything. Who can? Even in fifty years I will still think of myself as a student. An experienced student, but a student all the same. Why? Because the day you stop learning is the day you lose your humanity. Anyone who claims to know all should be pitied for no longer being capable of experiencing what life is all about.

The journey.

This blog is our journey. There will always be someone who does not agree with how we do things here, or how we raise our animals, or for what purpose. But, that is why we all have our own path to travel. We are not all the same. Wouldn’t that be boring?

We always gladly accept feedback and are more than happy to share our “lessons learned” with the world, you. What we are not in need of is hatred and spite. Sorry, but this is a drama-free zone.

To those of you wonderful readers who have the maturity and forethought to see us for who we really are and what our goal truly is, I thank you. You are who this website and blog is written for. Thanks for being there on the other side of the screen cheering us on! “Life’s a garden; you’ve gotta dig it!” (A little Joe Dirt quote for ya folks there.)


22 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Anyone who understands what a journey is, should also understand that there will be unknowns to encounter, lessons and mistakes to be made. I personally do not trust know-it-alls. They either are the type who has read about something but never done it or simply arrogant fools who lack the needed maturity to teach without being mean, or unkind. I personally am enjoying reading about your family and all the lessons you are learning. Even wise, long time walk the talk homesteaders, off the grid livers make mistakes. It’s called life.

  2. Sadly in life there will always be jealousy! Heck I was jealous reading your blog and all the cool stuff you do! Lol I can say you have beautiful healthy well cared for rabbits because I was just at your house and purchased one from you! And he is wonderful! Perfect if I do say so myself! I have never seen a rabbit so calm and literally loves to be handled! And you even showed me all of your rabbits and where you keep them (I even got to hold the babies) not the new ones they were not born yet. But the cute fluffy ones! Some lucky people are getting those rabbits. I seen 3 I would have bought right then. 🙂 I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that there was no odor in there considering I am very sensitive to smells! you took the time to show me how you groom them and gave me plenty of resources as well not just your way! You sent me home with the feed and hay that he had been eating and what to do if I was to switch it. Which I didn’t do because after doing my own research I determined that you are feeding what is best for the rabbits. You are doing a great thing don’t let anyone spoil that! Mature intelligent people know take information then do their own research and come to their own conclusion. If someone takes one persons or blog or web searches advice as gospel then they deserve the outcome. There is more than one way to skin a cat! Every single breeder of any animals will all have their own way of doing things its called being an individual and one of the freedoms we have in this country is to do things our own way!
    Two thumbs up girl!
    5 stars!

  3. Amen, girlfriend! This is a free country and readers can take it or leave it! Just being yourself and admitting to your mistakes or the things you have learned give other the confidence to try something new. If the world was full of “I know more than you”s who never made mistakes, too many of us would be intimidated to try new things. So thanks! I may not have gotten my rabbits if it weren’t for you and your blog!

    • At least I admit my mistakes right? It’s hard to say, “I messed up” and not get criticism. But we all learn from mistakes and do better next time. The only difference is that I publish my mistakes publicly so that others can learn from them too. I am not afraid to learn.

  4. I enjoy your blog, especially the information on French Angoras. The bunny I purchased from Dandelion’s first litter is amazing. Thank you!

  5. I just have to say this… For someone who is almost half my age, you are an inspiration to me. I enjoy every one of your posts and look forward to each one. Even though we are half a country away, I feel like I should know you.

    When I found your blog, I immediately took to all of your rabbit articles. We are on our own “rabbit and garden journey” here as well.

    Thank you for your guts to do what inspires you most. May God Bless you in your journey.

      • At this time, my youngest daughter raises Mini Satins for show. We try to attend some nearby ARBA shows. This spring will be the first time we will show the rabbits we raised, not just bought.

        This spring/summer my goal is to purchase our “bunny barn” and get some New Zealands for meat.

        On a huge positive note, my garden dirt is now the best it has ever been, thanks to these bunnies. I can’t wait to plant this spring!

      • Mini Satins are so cute! I think if I had the space (and a helper)… (and land to grow rabbit fodder)… (and without Trevor knowing)… I would have about 20 of my favorite breeds. Good luck with your bunny barn! Make it twice as big as you think you need because rabbitossis tends to spread. 😉

        I’m loving the benefits of rabbit “extras” as well! Our garden was nothing but sand when we started. Now since it is winter, our compost is overflowing with rabbit manure and we have started to dump it straight into the garden! Great stuff!

  6. What a bummer it appears someone ..uh, applied manure to your blog! Well screw em! You guys are great. Dont take it to heart. _____

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