First Litter of 2013!

Bammer! Philly is on the ball! What are you blabbering about, you ask? Philadelphia delivered seven good lookin’ kits this afternoon!

I checked on her after lunch today, but there was no fur so I figured tomorrow would be the day. Just now when I refilled water bottles, I spied some white puffs of wool in her nestbox. I laughed a truly maniacal laugh in my head and continued filling water bottles.

When I reached in the cage to pull the box toward the lit end of her cage so that I could see, she grunted something mean. Well that usually means just one thing in the world of sweet tempered rabbits… babies! And sure enough I could count seven little kits in the neatly lined nest Philly had built. From what I was able to see there are six pinkies and one dark kit.

They weren’t covered up yet, but she had some big globs of wool sitting around so I covered them up quickly before putting the box back in the corner of her cage. I figure she is either still in labor and I may have interrupted her or she didn’t get to it yet. Either way, I figured it better to just set the extra pulled fur on top of the babies since it is so cold out. I ran in the house, yelled out the good news, and hurried back outside to give Philly her congratulatory rolled oats (to help bring her milk in).

I’ll go out before bed tonight to make sure there are no kits on the wire floor and to double check on Philly’s well-being. Thumbs up for the new doe!

6 thoughts on “First Litter of 2013!

    • Yay! And then when I tell Trevor that Philly had her first litter he says to me, “What are you going to do with all these rabbits?” Uh… stock the freezer and sell the extras. Sometimes I think he doesn’t hear a thing I say. He must not be the loyal reader of this blog that you guys are! Hahaha!

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