You Guys Are Great!

It’s weird to have a blog these days. Because here I am, sitting at home, talking to myself in videos and telling perfect strangers all about what I do during the day. In any other reality that would be completely abnormal. Sometimes my blog life crosses with my everyday life… like when you wonderful readers call me with questions, or when you come to pick up a rabbit, or when you email me.

It’s weird, but I love it. I almost think it comical when I meet one of you and you tell me, “I feel like I know you!” What a funny idea that we are all connected through one URL in this almost make-believe world. I feel like I know you regular commenters too and I am thankful for all the great insight, tips, and laughs you send me on this little blog. (Remember that little bit we had going on awhile ago about how “hot” Laura Ingalls is? Good stuff.)

Anyway– keep it up guys. You are awesome!


In other news, I got my single ply of 100% angora yarn looking proper and I even hope to crochet it into something for myself tonight.

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