New Inspiration

Look what I found at the local bookstore!


Tell me I didn’t need this…



Any book that suggests I “use the edges” is a-ok! After browsing my typical farm and garden section of the bookstore I was only coming up with books focused on gardening 101, how to plant a seed, what a chicken looks like, and those books that just skim the top of the subject of raising backyard livestock. God knows I don’t need more animals –with the exception of upcoming quail of course– but I was looking for something with ideas I hadn’t thought of yet. Not to imply that I know all or anything… I am just at the point where I know what I want to do, just not fully how to do it.

Then, before giving up and going to the cookbook section, I spotted just the book I needed. “Permaculture” in big, yellow letters practically poked me in my eyeballs! Bam! Sold. From what I’ve skimmed, this book focuses on the integration of all the different aspects of farming; large or small. So in the next few hours I hope to glean new ideas on how to get our micro-farm to work for… our micro-farm. Theoretically, every piece should contribute to another creating a waste-free and full circle system.

I’ll let you know.

4 thoughts on “New Inspiration

  1. It looks great! Be sure to review it when you’ve had the chance to go through it all. I would love to find a good practical book, like you said, that goes past “this is a seed, plant it in the ground” yes thank you, I know that part!

    • I’m about 1/2 way through now. For real though right?! I know how to plant a bean seed. A chart on plant depth would be more than sufficient for most those books! So far I really like how the main focus is how to use what you already have going and how to use each piece to benefit another. Good stuff! I’ll review it hopefully sometime in the next few days.

      And guess where the author lives? Berkeley! I swear, all my favorite people are Berkeleyites. Too bad I wouldn’t ever want to live there.

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