Done With One Bobbin!

I feel like I use too many exclamation points sometimes, but I am usually super excited about the things I accomplish! See? Well, I have successfully spun one bobbin of pure Clementine wool. 100% chocolate tortoiseshell French Angora wool. Now I am going to try to “set” my one ply bobbin to keep the current thickness (by not plying it with another strand) and keep the tension without so much curl. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I have also constructed a lazy girl’s “Lazy Kate” for plying or getting the yarn off the bobbin using a shoebox and a chopstick. Ha! I don’t need to spend some crazy $60 for a Lazy Kate now!


7 thoughts on “Done With One Bobbin!

  1. Sarah
    To get a little of the curl out after you set the twist shock it whack the heck out of it and when you hang it to dry fill a spray bottle about halfway and hang it on the bottom just enough weight to add some tension but not to stretch it. This will help even things out a bit where its overspun. (Curly) its hard to get that perfect balance especially with angora. I cant wait to spin with it. I have only worked with Merino and Dog. Lol see you soon!

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