Garden Plan :: spring 2013


The madness begins! I already have all of the seeds I plan to plant, with the exception of the ground cherries, because I am a smart cookie and ordered my spring seeds with my order last fall. Here’s to thinkin’ ahead!

If you will notice, the garden layout is slightly different this year… larger. We are taking over the whole garden this year and then will split the harvest with our neighbor (who owns the plot). This means that we not only have more space to cram veggies in, but now we can plant a larger variety of things without it looking like we just threw a bag of mixed seeds over the fence.

Each little square on the plan is one square-foot since we are using the “square-foot gardening” method and now we have a 32′ x 24′ space (768 square feet) to plant in. We do need paths though. So not all 768 square feet will be solid plants. But we will be using 16′ foot cattle panels bent into an arch across the first two long beds to trellis viney crops onto like our pumpkins, ground cherries, and cucumbers. In the shade beneath the viney crops, we will be growing shade loving plants like leafy greens and a few herbs. The tomatoes and bush beans will have their own supports.

We will be planting:
14 pickling cucumbers
14 ground cherries
14 Amish pie pumpkins
135 spinach
135 Simpson black seed lettuce
162 Thai basil
240 cilantro
126 giant leek
63 celery (already established)
16 tomatoes
468 Contender bush beans
108 bunching green onions
432 Danvers half-long carrots
432 Detroit red beets
4 paprika peppers
16 California wonder bell peppers
28 potato hills
10 Mammoth Red Rock cabbage
108 bulb onions
2 blueberry bushes (already established)
1 fig tree (already established)

Phew! Amazing that you can fit so much into such a small space.

16 thoughts on “Garden Plan :: spring 2013

    • Thanks! We got one good Amish pie pumpkin last year… maybe due to poor pollination? or squash bugs? Either way, this year they are away from the bug infested yard and I am going to try hand-pollinating as well. They are so yummy I want lots of them!

  1. Great plan and a nice layout! I am in the planning stages for this years garden and have most of my seed purchased (or saved) as well. I will be expanding the garden to 1000 sq.ft. in an attempt to grow as much of our own food as I can (we are a family of four vegetarians). It seems like spring will be here before we know it and it will soon be time to start the seedlings in the greenhouse!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to build from your greenhouse plans next month so we can get a decent start on plants around here! We get all of our snow from March to May so without one, we are left starting from seeds at the end of May. The greenhouse will also be great for growing heat lovers like eggplant in the summer. My eggplant last year didn’t come up until late August because the ground wasn’t warm enough.

  2. Awesome plan! I was just looking at my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog today. I have Post-it notes on Boston Pickling Cucumbers, Parisienne Carrots, Black Beauty Zucchini, Calima Beans, Broccoli, peas, a variety of lettuce…but I don’t see a small pumpkin that would work. I would LOVE to have a BUNCH of pumpkin to can! We love pumpkin bread and cookies and muffins! My son would also like to do potatoes. And he started asparagus and grapes last year. (We get apples and wild blueberries elsewhere.) Anyway, I had to share! LOL I LOVE your colorful graph plan. We also do a graph, but usually not in color! Color looks so much cooler! Stopping by from Tilly’s Nest!

    • I ordered from Baker Creek again this year (mostly because they got their catalog to me before Annie’s Heirloom) and I also bought the Boston Pickling Cucumbers and Black Beauty Zucchini! Great minds think alike, huh?!

      I loved the Parisienne Carrots we grew last year. They were adorable! They tasted a little sharper than the regular Danvers, but had really good flavor.

      Try ordering the Amish Pie Pumpkin they have! We loved ours and it was about 99% meat and somehow loaded with seeds crammed in that last bit of space. I baked, puréed, and then froze everything all at once so I could use it a little at a time for soup and…. pie. Good stuff.

      My fancy shmancy garden plan was colored with colored pencil out of pure boredom. When you’re stuck with three or four more months of snow ahead of you, you need any extra color you can get!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. how many cattle panels are you going to use and do you put them so you can walk under them to harvest is that why you use the 16′ ones?

    • I think I will need five cattle panels. They are 50″x16′. So if I hoop it over like an arch it should end up having as much clearance as the chicken coop (which is triangle shaped with two 8′ sides). I am short so it shouldn’t be too difficult for me to fit under.

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