Today’s Plot



Plus this…


Equals angora yarn. Or so I’m told. See that huge box of wool? That stuff is really crammed in there too! What’s worse is that there is so much that I have actually started storing it in big Togo’s sandwich bags. They’re clean, but it’s sad.

I almost feel as if I am hoarding rabbit wool. Well, I am bound and determined to actually spin some wool into yarn today, but I’m really hoping for a full bobbin worth. Maybe even –dare I say– spin enough to actually make something for myself to wear?

Here’s to hopin’ kid.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Plot

  1. Awesome ‘possum 😀 Can’t wait to hear how it goes! What kind of wheel is that? It’s cute! I too have a basketful of ziplock bags full of bunny fluff I’ve been working on slowly 😀 I’ve been drop spindling for nearly a year now, but have been eyeing wheels (don’t tell hubby, lol!) So far I’ve made two scarves 50% angora/50% alpaca, and am nearly done with one shawl (1 ply angora 1 ply tussah silk) I’m thinking about spinning some of each rabbit plain though and making something with 100% to show off what my rabbits can do, but I haven’t done it yet, lol! Good luck, can’t wait to hear/see how it went!

    • I’m ornery and refuse to buy other fiber to ply with so I am working 100% angora. It’s a little more difficult because its so stretchy, but I am still a beginner so everything is difficult. Ha!

      I got this wheel for my birthday last year from an Ohio based Etsy shop called Overland Handcraft. Mine is the “Morning Street” wheel in cherry. It even folds up flat for travel! I love it!
      Here is a link:

  2. Sarah, do you have cotton cards? I have put off using my wool until I get cotton cards. Also, it’s possible to mix with a coarser wool to make it easier since the angora is so slippery.

    • I do have hand carders. They are the 120 size because I figured angora is so fine. I have mixed angora with sheep wool before successfully, but I really like the softness of pure angora too much to go out and buy more sheep wool to mix it with.

  3. I’ll have to look into those wheels when the seller gets back from vacation 😀 I may be crazy but I enjoy spinning 100% angora much better than I enjoy spinning wool. People say, oh it’s so slippery, but for me that makes it easier. The only reason I now have a fiber “stash” of non-bunny fluff is because my two bunnies of this spring grew their wool much to slowly for my tastes, so blending stretched it more, lol! But we’ve now expanded to 6 bunnies so they keep up with my fiber wishes much better, ROFL!!! I got 503 yards of singles from one 2.4oz coat from my french sable pearl buck, so it probably wouldn’t have been enough for the shawl if I’d 2 plyed it. The silk turned out really nice though to pair with it, so I’m happy, lol!

    • I have heard that too, but I started on angora and then tried sheep wool and found the sheep wool too sticky. I couldn’t work fast enough. But I can see where people say angora is slippery… I think it is almost “elastic”. I’m still working to find the perfect wheel tension to work with angoras stretch. Hearing that your 2ish oz. went as far as 500 yards makes me feel better. I have over a pound of wool just since summer so I’m sure I will be able to make something worth while. I really want to make a “Clementine scarf” from just Clementine’s chocolate tort wool. I traded her for an unrelated doe (Philly) a few months ago, but she was my favorite so I’m trying my best to keep a skein of Clementine yarn for something special.

      Slightly unrelated, do you know on what locus the pearl is carried on? No one seems to be able to give me a straight answer on pearl colors since they are mostly seen in angoras.

      • Yep, I have the same problem with wool, besides, after working with angoras wool feels like sandpaper, lol!!!! And I am ALL about soft 😀 I was pretty pleased with the length myself! Now to just spin up the other 8oz. I now have sitting around waiting for the spindles…. ‘course it won’t be too much longer before they all start blowing coats again *grins* Clementine was a beautiful rabbit, wasn’t she?
        To be honest with you, rabbit color genetics TOTALLY blow my mind, I haven’t the faintest clue! Someone on Ravelry finally told me he was a sable pearl, and after doing some google image searches of that color I finally found other rabbits that matched him, lol! Give me horses, dogs, or chickens, and I understand how they work a lot of the time, but I’m just now starting to understand the differences between how to IDENTIFY the differences between some of the angora rabbit colors, much less how they’re made 😀 It’ll come in time I’m sure though!

      • Ugh! I know it! I am spoiled on angora! When my mother and I went on a county-wide farm tour, one farm raised pygora goats. When my mom felt the pygora wool she commented on how soft it was. When I felt it, it was like sandpaper. After grooming angora rabbits for so long exclusively, only silk seems softer! Clementine was my sweetheart, but for the good of my here’s genetics she had to be traded. I still have her son, Seven of Nine, and what a glorious rabbit he is turning out to be! He has already blown two coats and he is only 9 months old! About half my herd is in full coat now so like you, I’m waiting for it all to start again.

  4. You are so lucky! I also like to spin the 100% on my drop spindle. A wheel would be nice too. I have tons of baggies-ful too, I can’t spin fast enough!

  5. I actually built myself a kick spindle after finding them online, but you don’t want it for angora, it’s good for long wool fibers that take low twist, they have fairly slow rotation compared to a drop spindle. I thought maybe it was just mine but then I heard someone else talking about their little meggie had the same problem. They’re pretty cool though, but your leg gets a good workout in order to keep the speed up.

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