13 thoughts on “FMF Winter Farm Tour :: video

  1. I enjoyed your film and tour! I am SO proud of you making the most from a smallish space. That is just great. FYI ~ if your area is “legal” for milk goats, it looks to me as if you would have plenty of room to raise them and have your own milk. They don’t require fancy housing… just a shed where they can get out of the wind and the rain and have some straw/hay bedding, water, of course, hay and a suitable grain mix. Unfortunately, I don’t have fencing for a pasture for our girls, but we just have a largish pen. In the summertime, sometimes I take them out on a leash to browse for a while each day. It looks like you could find a nice little spot under your deck or even a collapsible one in your rabitry for a homemade milking stand and you could take your girls one at a time there to milk. They are personable and easy to care for. Generally speaking, it is best to have 2 at a time, as they are herd animals and much happier not being alone. There are large and smaller breeds. We currently have two La Mancha does and are VERY happy with them. They are not as small as pigmies, but are smaller than the Alpine breeds, so eat less and produce less milk, which for us (just me and my husband) is just right. We have plenty to drink, cook with, freeze for the dry season (2 months a year) and also I make lots of cheddar cheese, some for gifts, and the rest to eat. I wish you lived close so we could visit and compare notes!

    • Thanks Yolanda! Ugh… I wish we could have goats, but we live in a housing development with a homeowners association that does not allow “livestock”. I’m trying to figure out the exact rules so maybe I can find a loop-hole. The chickens we have now are probably pushing it. It’s ironic really because we live around the corner from a horse stable owned by the homeowners association (what?!)… so how that isn’t considered breaking their own rules, I have no idea.

      • That IS rather strange. Goats are very clean animals. They can be a bit noisy at times (like bellering for a few minutes after each time you milk and abandon them AGAIN. 😉

  2. Loved the tour!!! I am very jealous of your cobb oven. I have plans to have a solar oven and maybe if I can convince the husband, I will make the cobb oven. We are currently building our house and living with my parents so first things first! 🙂

  3. I would love to have you join in several hops that I host or co-host! Starting today there is the seasonal Winter on the HomeAcre Hop at:


    This gives you a chance to bring out archived posts on winter subjects 🙂
    Tomorrow is Wildcrafting Wednesday, you’ll be able to find it from my homepage at:


    And on Thursday I host The HomeAcre Hop, another good place to bring out great posts that you would like to share again. I’d love to see posts on homesteading, farming, cooking, homeschooling…the list goes on 🙂 You can also find that on my homepage. Hope you can join us for all of these fun hops!

  4. I’ve stopping in from the Winter on the HomeAcre Hop! It’s my first time linking up with our chickens and ducks. We’re also gardeners. We have 1.54 acres, but only about 3/4 acre is useable. (The rest is wetlands with FROGS galore.) It’s interesting to see how others do so much with their land! Last year we decided to till up more of our lawn for a garden (20×30?). We’re hoping to grow more this year and improve our soil. I’m intrigued by the Cob Stove. Never heard of it! We’re planning to make a rocket stove from bricks in the spring time.

    • Hi! Our garden is about the same size then. With chickens and ducks, hopefully you can improve your soil in no time and at least the frogs will keep your bug population down! The cob oven is super fun and makes the best tasting pizzas. Rocket stoves are similar, but wih the cob oven you make the fire and then let it burn down. Once the fire burns down, you remove the coals and bake whatever you like. I think rocket stoves are more like a stovetop range? And cob ovens are more oven-y? I’ve never built a rocket stove before so I’m not too familiar with them.

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