Farm Goals for 2013

New Years resolutions never seem to work out so this year we have made a list of “goals” instead. Setting goals gives us all a starting point and a list of accomplishments to look back on. Through the year I find things that I wish I would have started at a better time and so I put it aside for later. Of course, once that “better time” comes along, I have forgotten all about whatever it was I wanted to do in the first place… much to Trevor’s good luck. So take a look at what new things we have brewin’ for 2013!

Put together the 2013 garden plan. We are planting the full garden (22’x32′) this year instead of half the garden as in previous years.
Build a greenhouse. We will be using Bepa’s Garden‘s greenhouse plans.
Get seed starts going inside the new greenhouse.
Herb and ‘Shroom garden. We will be using a previously unusable dirt patch near the cob oven to grow limited edible herbs (dill, peppermint, oregano, basil) and cultivate culinary mushrooms on logs.
Grow shiitake mushrooms on oak logs.


Buy cattle panel fencing for the garden to make arches in the pathways to grow vine plants (cucumber, beans, pumpkins) on to save space and create shade for greens.
Set up a rain barrel system. We need gutters on the house first!
Raise coturnix quail under the porch within the Herb and ‘Shroom garden for meat, eggs, and fun.

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Purchase a freezer to store home raised meat for the family.
Make something neat from rabbit pelts! Processing livestock you raised yourself is no fun, but the bonus is having beautiful furs to sew into a variety of things.
Spin more wool! This is also a big one for me personally because I have a couple pounds of wool and no yarn… I need to get spinning.
Grow more food. We would like a full pantry of home-canned foods to enjoy throughout the winter months.
Set up a root cellar. We have dirt-floored storage under the house, but need a way to properly utilize it for cold storage of things like potatoes, pumpkins, apples, etc.

10 thoughts on “Farm Goals for 2013

    • I’m not sure how I’ll be using quail eggs… I suppose much like chicken eggs. I don’t think I’ve ever had a quail egg, but I doubt they are too much different with the exception of size. My plan is to feed them to my family and sell the extras to pay for bird feed much like we do with the chickens now. And since quail are so small and mature within 6-8 weeks, I also plan to butcher some for meat. I actually found this neat product called a game bird debreaster (EZQuicKlean) where you don’t need to even dress the quail and you basically use the tool to snip off the quail breast meat. As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about attempting to raise quail in the spring!

  1. Oh, you’re gonna love the quails! We use to raise them for fun, and the little babies are SO CUTE! They’re about the size of a thimble when they first hatch out. You can use the eggs just like chicken eggs. We even use to hard boil them and make teeny little deviled eggs for a joke 😀 We don’t eat meat ourselves so don’t know how they taste, but they sure grew fast and were fat little buggers, and fun little birds to have around 😀
    Looks like an exciting and fun year ahead, looking forward to reading all about it as it unfolds 😀 We’re gonna try raising our first litter of angoras this spring too, so hopefully our year will be fun too!

    • You are going to fall in love with baby angoras! They are so fluffy and sweet and fun. They are like the friendlier, smaller version of sheep. Sheep are sassy. Anyway— thanks for reading and I hope we can learn from eachother in this coming year.

  2. Our cattle panels were great for the squash varieties that trail. We got lots of bugs on the ground vines but really none on the squash that grew up the panels. Good luck! Lots of things for us to accomplish this coming year as well.

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