Fences Are For The Lucky

Those of you with a fenced in yard are just plain lucky. Maybe I should reword that: those of you without deer are just plain lucky. I am browsing Pinterest this morning for general ideas and pretty pictures and photo after photo is filled with gloriously abundant gardens while I’m stuck here thinking, how are they getting away with this?

Well I guarantee you they don’t have deer. Erg… deer. I don’t think a fence around the property would make that big of a difference. Deer can easily jump anything under 8 feet tall and the stray dogs –our other big problem– would just come down the driveway. So any of you that don’t have to contend with the deer population’s grumbling tummies, consider yourself very lucky indeed. We are very confined in our 22’x32′ growing space, but I do consider myself lucky to be able to use such a beautifully fenced garden space.


Oh, and about those dogs, I am officially instituting a “no canine discrimination” policy. This morning we found two dogs inside the fenced rabbit play area where Casper’s hutch is. They were digging and trying to get at him, but that pallet hutch is strong stuff! Luckily he was fine and just snagged one of his nails hopping around trying to stay away. He was scared, but I held him awhile and put some triple antibiotic on his bloody nail. A dog can easily scare a rabbit to death.

It wasn’t just today either, there are constantly dogs in our yard. Big dogs and usually more than one running in a pack. I guess people around here figure we’re in “the sticks” and no one will mind if their Pit Bulls and German Shepards run wild.

Well I for one have lost too many pets (pre-farm) to stray dogs and now I will be taking my pellet gun to any trespassing dog’s rump. Not only that, but I have a little girl that loves to play outside and I refuse to sacrifice my yard so that someone else’s dogs can run around. Cami has been knocked down in our own driveway by a pack of loose Pit Bulls before I could grab my shovel. I am just sick of it and I have the right to defend my property, my livelihood, and my child.

Dogs beware!

6 thoughts on “Fences Are For The Lucky

  1. The panels for fencing are pretty cheap. Would your landlord deduct the cost from your rent? If it is frozen there, you would need to wait for summer, but I’m sure you have the ability.

    • While I’m sure my landlord would help us put up a fence if we wanted to, it would never keep the deer out. The homeowners association for our development does not allow fences over 5 (maybe 6) feet tall. Deer have very little problem jumping the fences around here at that height even when standing right next to it. Hop! Our driveway is shared with the neighbor and I doubt anything short of a 6 foot gate would keep them out. Really I was just complaining about this lot and its weird set up. As the bobcat proved earlier this week, dogs and deer are the least of my worries.

  2. I hope you can find very tall, very sturdy fencing and a sledge hammer, instead of a shovel. I know the deer must be a frustrating nuisance, but in my opinion the real threat is with the big, stray or wandering dogs. They can be deadly to animals, kids, and possibly even you. Some people may think that I am exagerrating when I write that. But here is why I write it. A few years ago our fourteen year old sheltie was in our fenced backyard, minding his own business, just as he had been doing for all of the 14 years of his life. I was in the house in the farthest point away from the backyard. It was cold weather, so the windows and doors were closed. Finally, I heard a big commotion in the backyard.
    Too late. Two pit bulls had jumped into our fenced backyard and killed my sheltie. The police had been called by a neighbor. They had to shoot the pitbulls to put an end to the viciousness. STOP reading now if you are squeamish, because this is gory. My sheltie had his throat slashed and head bitten and probably crushed. If everyone witnessed the horror that these dogs inflict, maybe some rules would be enforced. SAFE to START to read again. The neighbor who I believe owned the pitbulls, claimed that they weren’t his. So there was nothing to be done legally. People who leave their dogs run loose really are a sore point with me. I’m not talking about the dog who occasionally escapes out the door, but the people who let them run when it is night time, or around here, on the weekend. If there would have been kids out playing in my backyard, I fully believe that those dogs could have even killed kids. I have a little pomeranian now. If he is outside, he’s on his leash, and I am right there with him. I keep an eye out for dogs, pitbulls seem to be the roamers around here. I don’t know why that is. They may be perfectly nice dogs, but after seeing what pitbulls did to my poor little sheltie, I am terrified of them. I am a dog lover, but my trust was severely shattered when it comes to that breed. I am not meaning to insult the conscientious owners who have sweet and well trained pitbulls that don’t roam. I understand how they love them and I hope they won’t hate me for my roaming-pitbull issues. I am also referring to any other dogs that are permitted to roam. Sorry to have gone on so and for the rather gruesome parts of this comment, but I am truly concerned for the safety of you and yours. It is a subject that I get pretty intense about. I felt bad that your rabbit had been injured and terrified. I hope he will recover quickly.

    We had a pet angora rabbit when my daughter was young. It was the smartest rabbit I ever knew. He was litter box trained. His favorite place in the house was in the bathroom on the cool tile floor, behind the toilet! He surprised a few guests when he would sneak out from his cool lair and sniff their legs. His name was Harvey. An amazing pet!

    Best Wishes and Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Susie @ Persimmon Moon Cottage

    • Thank you Susie for your comment!

      I think a lot of people don’t realize the damage that “just a couple” dogs can conflict. I don’t know why, but it seems to only be the large breed dogs that are let out and allowed to roam free. I never see a pack of Pomeranians or Chihuahuas running rampant! A few years ago we had a sweet outdoor cat who slept in a doghouse we built for her and one night a pack of stray dogs came and chewed her up to the point that she was paralyzed and had to be put down.

      And much more recently, for the last six months or so a pack of 2-3 Pit Bulls come running down the driveway and into the field where Cami and I play during the day. It has happened so many times that I often leave the garden gate open so that we can escape them and lock ourselves in the garden. Usually I yell for the neighbor to come out with his pellet gun to chase them off and sometimes I’m lucky enough to have grabbed the shovel first.

      You’re right… it does sound dramatic, but when you are facing a pack of dogs (friendly or not) they seem to instill aggression in each other and direct it towards whatever or whoever they find. Very dangerous! That’s why I’m carrying my pellet pistol around with me and saving up for a more powerful pellet gun.

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