Molter and Scully

I’ll just rip off the band-aid quickly and get to the point on this one because it really just sucks. No better way to put it. Molter and Scully, our two Naked-neck Turkens are dead. Monday morning Trevor went out to check on feed and water for the chickens and found a pile of suspicious feathers inside the Turken’s house. When he started looking for them he found most of Scully’s body on their ramp and Molter’s various parts down the field a few yards. The chicken wire had been ripped open again and since the Turken house doesn’t close up, they were the victims.

Remember last month I told you how there were large dinner plate sized rips in the chicken wire all over the run? The wire wasn’t dug up, or peeled open at any seams, or even ripped at any weak points. It was full-on, ripped open like a sardine can. And this time the predator ripped through two layers of reinforced heavy chicken wire! I know because I had just repaired and covered all of the rips from last month! I had actually been looking this morning to replace the chicken wire with something of a heavier gauge and smaller mesh, but then again, I don’t really think anything heavier will keep out big predators. They seem pretty determined.


Suspect: bobcat

This time there were paw prints everywhere around the coop due to recent rain so it was easy to figure out who was the culprit. Not much you can do to keep a bobcat out of a chicken coop short of steel walls. Luckily we close the main coop door at night so the other six chickens were safe. I am very upset that two were absolutely massacred in the middle of the night. Literally all that was left were guts and legs. It’s really the last thing you want to wake up to on your way to a family party. Like I said, it sucks. But, I did what I had to do and buried what was left of my two cutest chickens underneath the burn pile. Goodbye Molter and Scully; hello Bob.


8 thoughts on “Molter and Scully

  1. I am so very sorry to read this, especially on this day. am finally getting caught up on messages and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas as well. I’m glad the rest of the flock is ok and I hope the pen can be fixed–maybe a little ginger beer or nog is in order!

    • The mango wine I made helps things 😉
      The coop will be easy to repair since it is just the run the bobcat is getting into. We have a wooden door on the hen house itself that we close every night so hopefully that will keep everyone safe. The door to the separate turken house wouldn’t close so I’m sure that’s why they were the victims of Monday’s massacre.

  2. Sorry to hear about your chickens. It’s so upsetting to find them like this, especially when you’ve done such a good job of penning them. From your photo here, it looks like you have a canine of some sort (looks like there are claw marks in front of each toe?). Bobcat tracks wouldn’t have any claw marks since their claws are sheathed. Also, the kind of ripping destruction of the fencing that you describe is more typical of a canid (and most likely a domestic dog).

    A friend of mine who keeps chickens without having a fenced property (the birds are penned, but her property isn’t) uses hot wire around the pen at “nose” level. The neighbor’s husky came around and got zapped once and has never been back. It’s fairly cheap for a small set up, and could be turned off during the day when you are around (and to protect your little one from any contact with hot wire). You can turn it on at night before bed, or when you’re leaving for the day.
    Good luck!

    • From looking at wildlife print guides, dogs have a pointed foot pad like a triangle and a bobcat has a flat top… these tracks had flat tops. But then again, I didn’t see the bobcat myself so there is really no telling for sure.

      Good idea on the hot wire though! Maybe I could hook it up to a battery inside the coop to stay dry since the coop is nowhere near electricity. We already open and close the coop door at dawn and dusk so flipping a switch wouldn’t be much more effort. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!

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