DIY Pallet Rabbit Hutch :: preview

Wow. Lets just say, building a hutch out of pallets –or anything for that matter– is no project for the light of heart. I don’t think I will disassemble another pallet in my entire life. Ever. Never. Not really sure using pallets is worth the savings in lumber. For anyone who has never disassembled a pallet, they are held together with these weird corkscrew nails. No… not screws… nails. They just make life that much harder.

Grumbling aside, we just about finished the hutch in one day. All it needs is a door now and I hope to finish that in the morning. The whole hutch needed to be finished tonight because tomorrow brings a week of non-stop rain storms. I literally finished screwing on the walls just moments ago by lamplight since the sun set well over two hours ago. Now that’s dedication.

Take a peek and I’ll share finished pictures and the full tutorial tomorrow… when my arms heal.


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