DIY Pallet Rabbit Hutch :: plans

Our aim in building a rabbit hutch made primarily from wooden pallets is to create a functional, easy-to-clean living habitat for growing kits for a very low cost. We found four 38″x48″ wooden pallets for free and had a box of 2.5″ wood screws on hand from a previous project. So far our only expense will be the 14 guage, 1″x1/2″ galvanized wire roll. We purchased the 30″x 10 foot long roll for $22 at our local feed store, but I know that rolls similar are also avaliable at Tractor Supply.

Our hutch design has plenty of head space for two levels (for playtime fun) and features three solid sides along with a wire front and floor. The roof will act like a lid on hinges for easy access to the rabbits inside.

pallet hutch plans

We are using the hutch photo below as inspiration, however our design will feature a wire floor instead of a solid floor to be more sanitary:

photo source

Be sure to check out our full step-by-step tutorial on how to build a rabbit hutch from recycled pallets!

12 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Rabbit Hutch :: plans

  1. Yeah… Me too. I wouldn’t ever use a solid floor in a hutch or any other rabbit habitat just because it is so unsanitary. I don’t know that I would even use a solid floor in the den area either. My $40 budget will go mostly towards a roll of 1/2″ x 1″ wire in 14 or 16 gauge for the floor and the front of the hutch.

  2. This is great – after reading your homestead highlight, I’ve been determined to get rabbits, and have been thinking a lot about the hutch/cage design. Any thoughts on whether it will be ok to keep rabbits outside here (versus better to have then inside). We’re in upstate NY and it gets down to 0 degree or lower in the winter.

    • So glad to hear that there may be rabbits in your future! We obviously keep our rabbits outdoors here simply because our house is only about 800 square feet. Our lowest temperature is usually 20 degrees in the winter, but it does occasionally dip down to 10 degrees at night. I have heard of people keeping rabbits outdoors in -10 degree weather in Wisconsin, so anything is possible. I think you will have better luck in negative temperatures if you keep them in an insulated shed or other barn-type enclosure away from drafts and possibly where you can even install one of those ceramic “chick brooder” heat bulbs.

      The best resource I have found since starting in rabbits is a free rabbit forum called
      There are very helpful and friendly people from around the world that just ask and answer questions of other rabbit raisers/breeders. I would recommend hopping on over there to ask the cool-weather Canadian users what they do.

  3. I would like to reply to Gretchen of upstate NY. I also live in Upstate NY and have raised rabbits my whole life. My father got rabbits when I was 3 or 4 and they just kind of stuck around. We have always kept them out side year round, but inside a shed. We started off in an old barn at my grandpa’s house, then moved them to a shed that my dad built a few years later. The most important thing about the weather here is keeping them sheltered from wind, rain, snow, and direct sunlight. Its really easy to build a shed you could find directions for all different types all over the internet. Other options are keeping the animal indoors, but remember rabbits have a much higher internal body temperature, so what we find “comfortable” they are hot, what we find cold, they find bearable. Hope that helps 🙂

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