Baby Update Litter F2D :: 2-weeks old

Who needs a cuteness overload this evening? You! Just incase you were wondering, “F2D” stands for Frühlingskabine, 2012, December. That way when I tattoo their ears with my breeder tattoo I can easily spot when each specific rabbit from my rabbitry was born just by a glance at the ear.

Chestnut Agouti (x2)



Self Blue –solid color (x2)



REW –ruby-eyed white (x2)



Opal –blue version of chestnut, also an agouti color (x1)


Self Black –solid color (x2)


10 thoughts on “Baby Update Litter F2D :: 2-weeks old

  1. Thanks for linking up to Wild Crafting Wednesday. What sweet bunnies. How do you manage to have litters in December? My French Angoras quite breeding in September and won’t start again until April.

    • Really? I can’t get litters from July to October! We must have very different climates. Winter is easy around here as long as you keep those babies warm… it’s the summers that I find it hard to get every one through and then my bucks go sterile until October or November.

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