No News Is Good News?

Don’t you hate it when you have been working on things all day and then you look around and it seems like you’ve gotten nothing done? That is my general mood lately. I guess that’s just the holiday fever. I have been slaving away crocheting this afghan for my mom praying it will be finished in the next few days for gift giving while at the same time wishing I could just throw it out the window and spin some rabbit yarn for myself. Ah, selfishness rears its ugly head.

Between baking bread, baking cookies for gifts, crafting ceramic ornaments for gifts, brushing rabbits, and shoveling chicken unmentionables, I have been too busy for selfishness to grab hold of me. But I do keep eyeballing that giant box of angora wool in the corner. Soon!

In the meantime, the garden has been practically no-maintenance. The few cold weather crops we have out there are just staring to ripen before the real snow comes in the next few months. We have had freezing nights (and days) for over a month now, but the turnips, snow peas, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and garlic thrive on it. One plot of turnips can be harvested today and the second plot in a few weeks. Our Brussels sprouts are loving the cold and a whole stalk should be ready in mere days. I’m excited.

Everything was covered last month in straw to help insulate against the frost. So far so good! Even the carrots who don’t typically like prolonged frost are dong well. It’s all a learning experience for us in what we can get away with.




4 thoughts on “No News Is Good News?

  1. I am curious about how you share your vegetables with your neighbor. I understand that the garden is on their property and that they supply the water. I assume that means you supply all of the soil amendments, seeds, plants, labor, etc. Is that correct? Then, at harvest do you split everything? If 10 pumpkins are grown – do you each get 5? Do you grow some things they do not like or want? Do you grow some things just for them that you do not like or want?

    • Excellent question! Yes, I do all of the planning, planting, soil amendments, weeding, plant care, and harvesting. The neighbors provide the land, the fence, and water.

      What I do, is I ask the neighbors what kinds of things they would like me to grow. Usually they are the run of the mill stuff: tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, onions, carrots, cilantro. Then, as things are ready to harvest, I usually pick them a bucket of produce and leave it at their door. Sometimes they will go into the garden and grab a tomato or two, but not always.

      Our neighbors don’t eat anywhere close to half the produce and there are a lot of things we grow that they don’t eat: pumpkins, leeks, hot peppers, cabbage, turnips.

      The hardest part this year has been reminding them to weigh the produce they pick from the garden on their own for my produce count.

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