Lacto-Fermented Soda :: using fruit juice

Follow our series on how to make your very own soda starter, known as a “ginger bug”, from scratch! Join in on the fun and let’s see if we can make our own custom flavored sodas.

Let me start by saying that I have no idea how this will turn out. I hope it turns into super fizzy, super yummy soda. I also hope I didn’t just waste $9 on natural mango juice.

Here’s what I’ve got going:
1/2 gallon dechlorinated water
1/2 gallon Odwalla mango smoothie
1 cup ginger bug

You can also try:
1 gallon fruit juice of your choice
1 cup ginger bug


I decided to water down my mango juice to 50% because the Odwalla brand mango smoothie juice is incredibly thick. Like… a smoothie. Watering it down makes it more juice like. From the different vague recipes I found online, apparently all you need to do is add 1/4 cup of ginger bug to every quart of juice. So for one gallon of juice I added one cup of ginger bug soda starter.

Now, I wait 24-48 hours before bottling my concoction. Next I just have to let it sit sealed for 24 hours and then refrigerate. Hopefully it will all go as planned and in a couple days we will have awesome mango soda to drink. I am such a sucker for anything mango.

Let’s break it down!
Day 1: stir together 1 gallon fruit juice and 1 cup ginger bug soda starter
Day 2: stir 2-3 times throughout the day
Day 3: bottle and seal
24 hours later: refrigerate and drink! (Test all drinks before offering them to children! A good rule of thumb is: if it tastes alcoholic, it is alcoholic.)

* this first fermentation time has been revised after testing the recipe. 24-48 fruit juice fermentation at room temperature yields soda, where as the previously suggested 72 hours yields an alcoholic soda.

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2 thoughts on “Lacto-Fermented Soda :: using fruit juice

  1. I have had a lot of fun with this experiment. But I must admit I am a real wuss when it comes to a lot of fizz! 1 or 2 days is good enough for me to wait. But it has a nice full flavor and mixes well with the juices. The bug is very fizzy and I am so glad to have found this. I am also glad for the probiotic, enzyme benefits. I get very tired of making yogurt all the time–just what i needed.

    I love reading about your other projects too. Glad to read your bunnies are all nursing–such a busy time of year

    • I know what you mean. On one hand, I’m afraid of getting food poisoning from leaving food out. But on the other hand, I know that this is a fairly safe way to ferment things since the ginger bug is acidic.

      Thanks so much for reading! This weekend we’re starting on rabbit growout pen/hutch. Good stuff!

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