Lacto-Fermented Soda “Ginger Beer” is Finished

Follow our series on how to make your very own soda starter, known as a “ginger bug”, from scratch! Join in on the fun and let’s see if we can make our own custom flavored sodas.

After nine days of fermenting in bottles, our ginger beer lacto-fermented soda is finally nice and fizzy. When I opened the bottle it made that distinct hissing noise of some of the carbonation escaping as the seal broke.


So, you’re waiting for the verdict huh?! It… was… good. This ginger beer definitely had a different taste. It tasted smoother, maybe more natural? Makes sense I suppose. No high fructose corn syrup like in most store-bought sodas. The ginger beer from this recipe had a very strong ginger flavor, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I took some getting used to, but it was still a little sweet and most certainly refreshing.

Next up we are going to try a mango soda. But first, I need to pull my ginger bug out of the refrigerator and feed it daily until it looks healthy and fizzy.

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