Milk and Markings

Let’s celebrate! Dandelion started nursing her kits this evening! Not very much and only about a third of the litter so far, but it seems like her milk is starting to come in. Thank goodness! So Dandelion’s litter is spending their mornings, days, and evenings with their dam and nights inside the house to keep warm since it is below freezing around here after sundown.

In other news, I think we may have a Vienna marked kit. Vienna marked rabbits are relatively uncommon just so you know. They carry genes for blue-eyed whites which are even more rare. A rabbit that is “Vienna marked” is colored (this rabbit is a self black or solid black) with a white spot on their nose. Only time will tell if this kit is in fact Vienna marked, but its fun to think about. If he/she is, it must have come from Obsidian because Dandelion’s last litter never had these.



12 thoughts on “Milk and Markings

    • Phew! Me too. It looks like there may be a REW kit in the bunch, but it may even be a blue-eyed white! We’ll see what it is when it opens its eyes. French angoras are excepted in BEWs too which is nice for show rabbits. This litter will tell me a lot about Obsidian’s background.

  1. Congratulations on Dandelion’s beautiful litter! I’m so glad to hear that the kits are able to nurse. Exciting news about the possibility of blue eyes. I’m really loving my rabbit from Dandelion’s first letter. He is so special.

    • It would be interesting to see what comes from this litter. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying Kayuki! Have you gotten a wool harvest from him yet? His next coat will be his adult coat so it should be even softer and smooth. Let me know if you ever need anything. Thanks Carolyn!

  2. Yes, Kayuki is wonderful! He has given lots of nice wool. His next coat is coming in beautifully and even longer. He is stunning. He is very good about being brushed and really enjoys it. Thanks for introducing him as a baby to being brushed. Also, Kayuki is meticulous about grooming himself.

  3. That’s odd because this one kit definitely has white hairs above his nose not just a light spot (he doesn’t have his eyes open yet so no clues there). Then again, he may grow out of it like you said. Coats can change so much from junior to senior. Either way it is something different to look at. I’m happy to hear Clementine is doing well at shows! I don’t show just because the nearst show is about 3 hours one-way and with all the winding roads to get off the mountain, it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I’m in it for the wool. But Clementine and Thistle’s last litter gave me some of my best woolers.

      • Well I’m being told by other breeders that Vienna can hide for generations. There are vienna marked, and vienna carrier rabbits. Sometimes the gene only expresses itself in a wrong coloured toenail. Perhaps either Dandelion or Obsidian is hiding vienna. I’ve also been told that a Vienna gene can hide on a “c” locus or in a REW easily because its already masked.

        Whatever it is, it makes for an interesting mystery.

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