11 thoughts on “Two New Printables!

  1. Oh thanks so very much for this! I am very new to this site and am looking forward to trying the sourdough bread also, although probably after the new year. It would be good to hear updates on new batches of these experiments. My first ginger ale turned out well in spite of the cool weather and tried the bug on some fresh pomegranite juice from a farmer’s market. Love these experiments.

    and congratulations on the new members of the family-the pictures of the rabbits are great. Will have to do some backtracking and find out about your other projects too. Thanks for all of it!

    • Let me know how your sourdough starter goes. My sourdough bread making is at an all time high right now. The recipe I included on the printable is exactly what I use and I LOVE it. You can always check out the “Best Sourdough Bread Recipe” under the “DIY Projects” page (which is the same recipe) and that tutorial includes step-by-step directions if you need help. And you can always ask questions here.

      I have been baking about 3-4 loaves a week for our family. My loaves are slightly smaller than store-bought bread, but it tastes a billion times better and is better for you! Good stuff!

    • Erm… no. The starter should be the consistency of airy toothpaste. If it is too watery, I suggest adding a little more flour for the next feeding and make sure that it is active before using: bubbly, has risen and maybe even deflated at least once, smells like yeast and not vinegar. No refrigerator unless you are not planning on using it for a few days and don’t want to have to feed it daily.

    • If you are referring to the sour dough, it is because the mixture gathers wild yeast from the air around you. That’s why you don’t want a sealed lid.
      If you are asking about the ginger bug, it is because you are using a different type of “starter” that uses a safe, beneficial (also present in your own gut flora) bacteria present in the ginger root itself to create carbonation.

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