Dandelion’s News


Dandelion delivered healthy kits this morning! Nine in total! Quite an improvement from her first litter of six last spring. Keep those fingers crossed for a runt-less litter! Runts usually show themselves in the first three days when they are half the size of their litter-mates and they usually do not make it past the first week. So cross those fingers and toes.

In a few days I will have a pretty good idea of what colors we have and at six-weeks old I will be able to properly sex all of the kits. This litter will also give me a good idea of Obsidian’s color genotype allowing me to better calculate litter colors for his offspring and better breeding matches.

Yay! Babies!




18 thoughts on “Dandelion’s News

      • Yep. I leave them in for the first day just incase Dandelion kindles more kits or decides to feed them. My does usually feed their kits early in the morning or after nightfall. Then I bring them in during the day and overnight since it freezes here. It isn’t necessary, but I feel more confident by doing so.

      • Congrats! We just had a small litter of English Angoras/Jersey Woolies delivered here (well, 3 weeks ago). They are ALL black as pitch, which is great, as I have only light haired Angoras and Woolies. We are possibly expecting a second litter of Eng Angoras any day now. I’m waiting to see, and to see what colors we get.

        Do you keep them all, or find homes for most?

      • Thanks! These are the first black kits we have had here. Most of our previous colors were tortoiseshells so we are pretty excited to get something new. Babies are so fun… I hope the litters you have on their way are good and healthy!

        Some rabbits we sell, some we don’t. This whole litter will be sold to people on our waiting list and perhaps the next litter as well.

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