Sopping Wet Sunday

Actually it has been a sopping wet week!


The view from our tiny porch just doesn’t illustrate exactly how much it has been raining here. I would go out and take more pictures, but quite honestly, I am afraid of my iPad getting wet. It has been a constant downpour here since Wednesday and there are no signs of it letting up any time soon.

That is just fine with me really. But I do feel bad for the chickens. Part of their run has a tarp over it, but in usual chicken fashion– they prefer to walk about in the heavy rain. Feel free to roll your eyes. I know I did when I went out to check on them. The good news is that the straw I put down in their run last week is keeping them from getting muddy. Score a point for the farmer on that one!


In other news, we got our tree up! It’s pretty cute right? We like to keep it simple around here and our humble tree certainly wouldn’t win any prizes, but it does feature some salt dough stars Cami painted last year. We are also a little early this year by German standards (usually trees and decorations go up on the evening of the 5th). This year we were just ready to get started early… you know what I mean? An early start seems to be contagious this year.

I am usually not one to be big on decorations for any holiday, but I find myself wanting to fill the house with festive German nutcrackers. Maybe I’ll hit the post-holiday sales and see if I can find any for next year. A German farm should have proper German decorations right?!

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