Houston, We Have Wool!

Now, I hate to count my eggs before they hatch (especially since I don’t hatch eggs), but Dandelion has pulled some fur. This is big news folks! I bred Dandelion, our fawn colored doe, to Obsidian, our self black buck, twenty-eight days ago. The average gestation period for rabbits is 31 days, but they can kindle (give birth) anywhere from 28-36 days after breeding.

For anyone who is not familiar with our ornery little Dandelion– she is notorious around these parts for taking her sweet time on things. Last spring she waited three very long months to finally produce a litter. This season we are already on month number two.

But things are really looking up because today my friends… Dandelion has pulled fur for her nest. A real tell-tale sign that kits are on the way. Take a nice long sigh of relief with me. **sigh…**

Hopefully she isn’t just making a really bad joke. Hopefully we will find a whole lot of healthy, fat kits sleeping away in the next 48 hours. Hope with me.

14 thoughts on “Houston, We Have Wool!

  1. Finger’s crossed for you 🙂 We just had an amazing litter born and have been really lucky the last several months that our buns have played nice and produced for us.

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