Ginger Bug Natural Soda Starter :: day five

Follow our series on how to make your very own soda starter, known as a “ginger bug”, from scratch! Join in on the fun and let’s see if we can have our own custom flavored sodas in the next week or so.


Wow is this stuff getting fizzy! Today I had lots of bubbles on top and when I first moved it, I heard a little fizz sound like when you jerk around “commercial” sodas. I am thinking that in another day or two we will be ready to make our first soda using the starter. I’m just waiting for the tell-tale sign that the ginger bug is ready; hearing the ginger bug fizz and bubble before stirring it.

* add 2 teaspoons of rapadura and 2 teaspoons of finely chopped ginger root
* gently stir
* this evening, give the ginger bug a second gentle stir


3 thoughts on “Ginger Bug Natural Soda Starter :: day five

  1. Hi, thanks do much for your info on making ginger beer. Love your site! I was wondering … after you bottle your soda you say “test daily until preferred carbonation level & sweetness has been reached.”. I’m guessing you open a bottle & taste it? If I’m right, then can you recap that bottle if it’s not to your liking (of bubbles or sweetness)? If so, I’m guessing that bottle would have longer to develop as compared to the untouched bottles. Thanks so much for any help. God bless you & your family. 😉

    • Yep and yep. If you have clear bottles it will be easier to tell if the ginger beer is carbonating than if you have the amber color. Give it a little tip upside down and right side up again. If you don’t see any tiny bubbles making their way to the surface, don’t bother opening it. If you do, you will want to test it or “burp” the bottle. Yes this does release a little of the built up carbonation and yes it may take a little longer than the others to build back up, but we’re talking hours here… not days. So it’s not a huge deal. It would be a much bigger deal if your bottles exploded!

      Thank you so much for reading and let me know how your ginger beer turns out!

  2. Paula, I am on day 7, it is a little bubble when I stir it, but there is no bubbles on top like yours. I used natural sugar, it is brown. I live in Mexico where sugar comes from. I just saw your video. What do I do now?? Keep feeding it, but change to raw sugar. How many more days????

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