Rabbit Experiment

You may think I’m a little crazy. Trevor thinks I am being ridiculous. When I told him that the tea I was brewing was for the rabbit does, he muttered a little, “is this what it’s come to?” Supposedly, feeding a rabbit doe Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea will make them more receptive to breeding and can even help to mature an un-proven doe. I am as skeptical as you are, but so many rabbit breeders swear by this tea. We’ll see if it helps our ornery little Dandelion get in the mood for breeding next week.

There is, of course, a method for checking a doe’s genitals for maturity so I was told to just feed this tea in place of regular water and check everyday for maturity. So I’m not endorsing this tea quite yet, but maybe after I get some nice big, healthy litters. Get ready to send me a check Celestial Seasonings!


4 thoughts on “Rabbit Experiment

  1. Hilarious visual. Does this tea work on humans? Sorry..couldn’t resist.

    Looks like rain is headed to Calaveras County. Or is the sky simply teasing us?

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