Spring Plans Begin

Let’s be honest– what better things do you have to do on a rainy day than plan out new projects?

Me? I should be carding and spinning wool. But we don’t have any firewood just yet and wool really seems like something that should be tended to near a cozy wood stove. So I am planning a new addition to the farm for spring. No, not animals. Darn it. A new garden! Although, I should really say we are planning a new garden. Finally! A project that Trevor is on board with! I know all you DIY ladies are nodding your heads with me. And with Trevor enthusiastic about this little project, I know it will get done.


Our “side yard” needs an upgrade desperately. Right now we have just the cob oven, rock wall/flower bed, and a piece of granite sidewalk from San Francisco as a bench. The rest is a graded patch of dirt. Hard dirt. Not to mention the fact that the whole side yard lines up with the neighbor’s porch! Eww. No offense neighbor, but we like our privacy. And a private little oasis this will be!

We are planning on growing herbs and mushrooms in this very shady patch of dirt desert so it will need to be completely fenced in. We have extremely hungry deer in these parts so if we want to eat any of this, a fence is imperative. So we will be using this opportunity to attach reed privacy fencing to a sturdy wire fence. Deer mouths and neighbor eyes eliminated!

Our new herb and ‘shroom garden will even include a little bed of edible flowers that Cami can care for. I know she has been disappointed about not having her own gardening space, but with such limited space in the veggie garden, I couldn’t afford to give her a space to mess up trample constantly dig up call her own until now. I have also really been wanting to try my hand at growing non-creepy looking mushrooms and now I can give it a whirl! We will even have a little gravel spot to sit and eat our cob oven pizzas!

p.s. Cami made me draw in the turtle (random, I know) and the three of us sitting on the house stairs.

6 thoughts on “Spring Plans Begin

  1. Looks good! You are making me want to do something new in my yard! Darn you! Looks like I’ll be busy this winter. Winter is when we get to work outside since it doesn’t snow here and it’s way over 100 in the summer. So now I’m going to be busy, darn it!

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