Garden Goodness

Not much is going on around here yet. We are just waiting for the last of the summer crops like eggplant and peppers to ripen before night temperatures dip and we are waiting for Dandelion’s litter of kits. She got her nest box today instead tomorrow since I will be out of town at the rabbit workshop. Dandelion has been rooting around and pulling some fur for a make-shift nest in the corner of her cage so I thought I would help her out. Cross your fingers for a big litter!


A few days ago we planted a whole second bed of snow peas. I didn’t much like how the peas grew up the stake and string trellis so this time I am trying out an angled piece of scrap lattice. My logic is that it will be easier for the peas to grab onto wider wood and the lattice being at an angle will make for an easier climb rather than straight up.



Our fall cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are lookin’ pretty good. Despite a few aphid clusters (which I promptly squished) the plants look healthy.


The Amish Pie pumpkins are finally producing something! This is our largest pumpkin so far and is about the size of very small cantaloupe. We have our growing pumpkins and one butternut squash supported by cheesecloth tied to the fence. That way all of the weight is on the fence and not on the stems.


The garlic that Cami so carefully planted in a row is coming up beautifully. With a little straw mulch, we hope to harvest many many bulbs in the spring.


I am so jealous of those of you with a longer growing season. It will be freezing at night here any day now. What is your garden doing? Any fall crops?

2 thoughts on “Garden Goodness

  1. I gave up on my garden when school started, but I managed to get my first ever butternut squashes anyway! They were small, but pretty. And we ate some of them already. I should check the weedy forgotten place I put the pumpkins to see if they survived and produced anything. My corn was a failure…I got a lot of ears that didn’t mature, probably because I stopped watering them too soon. But, Florence likes to eat the husks, and the chicken eat the kernels.

    Q: Do you always line your cage trays with newspaper? If so, how often do you change your newspaper? I have trouble keeping up with cage cleaning. I had some bunnies that sometimes use litter boxes, but not reliably.

  2. I had pumpkins thrive in the compost heap once… until the deer ate them. At least your corn won’t go to waste. Chickens and compost are great for all kinds of stuff.

    I use my “dropping pans” for the urine and manure, but the nest boxes are put in on day 27 just for the litter. I usually line the bottom of the nest box (not the pans) with shredded paper to soak up kit urine when they are too small to leave the nest. I change it on about day 6, 9, and 12 after the kits are born. I don’t bother with litter boxes with the adults only because they have wire-bottomed cages and there are five of them… it just doesn’t seem worth the effort. The dropping pans are very quick to slide out, empty, and rinse once a week.

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