Random Thoughts of the Week

I had just a few little tidbits to share with you that have run though my mind in this past weekend. None were too profound and none interesting enough to warrant their own post, but perhaps together they will form some idea of how life has been lately here on the “farm”.


* I love how now “Frühlingskabine” is a google search term that I often see in our web statistics. I hope the people who are searching that particular phrase are actually looking for us… otherwise that would be awkward.

* After discussing selling some of our angora wool to someone, I realized how easily it could have been misinterpreted as a drug deal or something. It certainly doesn’t help that wool is sold by the ounce. Doesn’t help at all.

* Not only did September rush by, but now October is threatening to do the same! I have hardly had any time to get together materials for a junior rabbit grow out pen, or prep the garden for winter, or buy firewood! Between sewing and sculpting and teaching ceramics, I forgot that October is the end of our agricultural year.

* The holiday season is fast approaching and I feel as if I am being spun around inbetween projects. If you know me, you know I like to be busy, but this year I feel like everything is only half-finished. We are scrambling to get all our ducks in a row before it starts snowing.

* The silver-lining to any busy time is that things are beginning to get done. During the summer, all focus is on the garden. During the fall (or winter– as there seems to be only two seasons here) we have the opportunity to tend to other parts of the farm.

* We stopped doing monthly egg counts a few months ago because it was too hard to keep track once the eggs came into the house. After the New Year we think we will start again. This time we will keep a note pad on the coop door to tally easily every day and then add up the count for the month. I’m not sure if anyone enjoyed that feature, but it will be coming back soon. Otherwise, eggs are fairly scarce around here lately with all the hens molting. They are focused on other things as well.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of the Week

    • Thanks! I didn’t even have to bat my eyes for such a sweet comment. The egg counts just kind of petered out after April or May…. and then I thought the other day, ‘I wonder how many eggs we have gotten this month’. And I had no answer for myself. Sad news.

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