Rabbit Workshop

So many people have been contacting me asking if I have attended the rabbit workshop yet. Nope, not yet. Next Saturday I will be heading down to Oakland –a three hour drive west– to learn about practical and humane methods of butchering rabbits for meat and then how to tan the pelts.

I don’t mean to sound callous or insensitive, but I am really excited to learn these new skills. It will be comforting knowing that I can not only humanely put down one of my animals if need be, but also because I will be able to provide clean meat for my family. What a skill to have! Not many people can say that they knew where their meat came from or what it ate or how it was cared for before being processed for the dinner table.

So, for any of you who were wondering, or asking, or about to ask… next weekend is the rabbit workshop. And of course I will update you as soon as I get back in town. Knowing me, I won’t be able to shut up about it for months. If you would like to attend, there is still time! Check out the link below and get signed up! If you do sign-up… I’ll see you there.

Rabbit Butchering and Tanning Demonstration
Saturday October 20, 12-4pm

Instructor: K.Ruby Blume
Location: North Oakland, California
Cost: $40-65
Following a tour of the rabbitry and a brief discussion on the benefits of rabbits as urban livestock we will demonstrate humane slaughter and dressing. Also included will be ideas for preparation of both rabbit meat and organ meats. Then the instructor will take you through a step by step demonstration of the tanning process. Some hands-on will be possible. It is highly recommended to take Raising Rabbits as a compliment to this class.
See more at: www.iuhoakland.com

4 thoughts on “Rabbit Workshop

  1. Did you mean three hours west? One of my heroes in Oakland is Novella Carpenter who has worked so hard to make urban homesteading in Oakland legal.

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