New and Improved!

Okay… So you may have noticed, and you may not have, that the Rabbitry section of our website was under construction today. It is all up and running now though! I was in the midst of my “fall update” and rearranged a few things as well as created some new pages and new content. Nothing was deleted and the Rabbitry sales policy is the same, but a couple things were moved to more appropriate pages. Fall updates aren’t really a thing. I’ve just been antsy lately and needed something to mess around with.

Here is what’s new:
* Sadly, moderated comments around the whole site. I’ve been getting too much spam lately and hopefully moderation will fix that. If you have commented before on a post, you should see no difference. It will only hold comments for my approval from new users.
* New fancy buttons on the main Rabbitry page!
* New pages like: About Our Rabbitry, Rabbit Demonstration Videos, French Angora Colors, and Customer Reviews!
* I also put our “Angora Care” page and “Rabbit Supply List” in a nice and easy to find place.
* The “Rabbits for Sale” page is cleaned up and easier to navigate. Also the Sales Policy regarding rabbit purchases now resides on this page.

Wow! Seeing it all together like this makes me look techno-savvy and really with it. That’s good. I like to keep up appearances. Like that British sitcom. Anyway— enjoy the new and improved site and please let me know what you think! (And also if you find something that doesn’t work properly!)

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