Wool Harvest :: Autumn 2012

Seven of Nine, our chocolate tortoiseshell buck, just shed his very first coat! And boy was there wool! Not only did he have a perfectly maintained coat with almost no mats, but it was full and luscious. Every last bit was “prime wool” meaning that it did not need to be sheared. His whole coat was plucked easily… as it should be. So obviously my goal to breed solely for wool quality is right on track. Anyone with a rabbit from Clementine’s spring litter should be enjoying beautiful wool right about now as well! I can’t wait to spin this up!

Don’t mind the Togo’s bag… we ran out of ziploc bags.

Rabbit_____________Gross Weight___Prime Wool___Second (sheared)
Seven of Nine________1.8 ounces______1.8 ounces____0.0 ounces
Total_______________1.8 ounces_____1.8 ounces____0.0 ounces

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