How to Pluck and Shear Angora Rabbits :: harvesting wool

In this video, I will show you how to harvest wool from an angora rabbit. If you purchased a French Angora rabbit from one of our spring litters, your rabbit is probably ready to release his/her wool. Seven of Nine, our chocolate tortoiseshell buck, is my model in this video and is from Clementine’s litter born in April. If you have a rabbit from Dandelion’s litter born in May, your rabbit is about 5-weeks younger than Seven of Nine here.

Enjoy the video (and the novelty of me using Trevor as camera man) and –as always– feel free to ask questions!

10 thoughts on “How to Pluck and Shear Angora Rabbits :: harvesting wool

  1. How very interesting! I have been trying to convince my hubby to let me get some rabbits. But, I think he is still in shock that we got chickens in the spring, so I might have to wait a while 🙂

    • Luckily they are small and quiet compared to other “livestock” so are pretty easy to keep. Enjoy the day and I look forward to seeing your blog hop.

    • Our French Angoras are handled from birth and because of their long coats, they are also groomed at a young age. They get used to sitting still after awhile. Seven of Nine is 6 months old in this video so he has had about 24 grooming sessions by now. They are so tame and sweet! Thanks for reading! enjoy your day.

  2. I have a terrible time grooming my rabbits! Watching your video makes me so envious at how docile he is. Of course my rabbits weren’t handled much before because they came from a large rabbitry and their previous owner almost exclusively blows coats for grooming instead of brushing. Thanks for showing me how it can be. How soon do you start handling them?

    • Quite literally from the moment they are born! Luckily rabbits do not reject their young if they smell like humans… rabbits aren’t very good mothers in general so it’s nice to be the kit’s backup mother. We handle them from day one mostly to be sure that everyone is being fed and also just for fun. They grow fast!

  3. Great video, thanks! I have a 5 month old German angora. He is super spunky and very into exploring and discovering his new strength (he was a runt, is partially blind, and has really taken to being a house bunny!). He is so energetic that it can be challenging to get him to sit still for grooming, any tips? Secrets? I bribe him with his favorite hay, but that only gets me about two minutes. Thanks! 🙂

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